Remember when we told you about this young Charlotte woman who started her own online bed & bedding business? COLEY HOME is a “Bed in A Box” (ok … boxes) online store where you pick out your headboard and platform bed colors and style online, order, and have it all delivered to you within just a couple of weeks. It’s genius and we had to give it a try.

You can order just the headboard, just the mattress, just the fabrics, etc. but we wanted the whole thing. We just added a new guest bedroom to our house, and while it’s not top of my decorating priorties right now, we definitely needed new and pretty beds. Enter Coley Home.

First, I ordered the free samples so I could decide on the headboard and bed side fabric. Having no idea what the eventual color scheme will be in our new guest room, I went with neutrals….the Italian blend in Oyster, a blend of linen and cotton, and piped it in their White Italian blend. I chose the frame to be white, vs ebony or weathered oak.

That was it. Once I had the samples and had made my fabric choices, ordering took about 10 minutes. And the boxes arrived at our door in about 2 weeks.

We followed the directions about un-boxing and letting the mattresses and headboards expand from their compressed-to-ship form. After that, we put the beds together.

This is definitely a TWO person job, so plan on that. But otherwise, the step-by-step directions are easy to follow and assemble. You’ll have to muscle a few things together, which makes sure the fit is tight and secure. And getting the headboard cover on straight did take a bit of doing until we figured out how to slide together so the piping stayed straight. Here’s a video from Coley Home on the whole process in case you want to see the step by step.

We’re thrilled with the results, and our holiday guests said the beds were super comfy. It was just so easy to order, assemble and get the whole thing done in less than a month. We can’t say enough good things about Coley and Coley Home!

Coley Home

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