WINTER DATES: 20 Ways to Warm Things Up in 2020

Best part of January? A crisp uncluttered post-holiday clean slate ready for anything. Before you fill in that calendar with all things activities — insert placeholders: Date Nights.

Schedule yourself first. And bring someone along for the heat. And boy do we have some date nights for you. Warm things up in Charlotte.

Just when you thought 2019 was hot.

JANUARY 17 & 18. Photo via Blumenthal

Shake things up with this gal. Shenanigans follow Thorgy and the Thorchestra wherever they go. Colorful, honest, and entertaining makes for a date night worthy of whoever you are. Celebrate.

JANUARY 17 via Blumenthal

Contemporary or classic, poetry is the language of love. Poets can say the things we need to hear in a new way. Hear some fresh ideas at Poetry Slam. Listen closely.

JANUARY 18. Photo via: Blumenthal

Comedy night makes a date night a little less stressful. Reach for their hand. Maybe sneak out halfway through and grab dessert. Nothing funny about that.

JANUARY 18 via Blumenthal

A night to explore? Share your ideas after this thought-provoking film showcase. Show it all, we say.

JANUARY 18, 19, 23 & 25 via Opera Carolina

Paris, around 1830? Yes. La Bohème for all 4 acts. It’s not over.

JANUARY 24 via MiddleCJazz

Part-time lover? Middle C Jazz Club presents Stevie Wonder Tribute. I’m thinking definitely yes. Jazz it up.

JANUARY 24 & 25. Photo via Blumenthal

Hold your boom box up for Totally 80s. Date like you are in middle school again. Extra points for whoever makes a mixed tape. Another chance to wear those shoulder pads?

JANUARY 25 – 28 via: WinterFest

Blowing Rock Winterfest has rolling-around-in-the-snow vibes and we are very into it. Warm up with post-snow toddies and a chili cook-off. Judge for yourself.

Feeling moody? Charleston Jazz Festival is coming up. Venture down to the low-country for a weekend of good music, good food, and some quality time in Charleston. The good kind of blues.

One night only? Charlotte Symphony – Copland Appalachian Spring on January 31st with strings. Classic fun makes for romance — and we all need a little more of that. Sit back and take it in. Note by note.

FEBRUARY 8. via Mint Wondermint

Get wild in Uptown the most sophisticated way possible. Meet at the Mint for The Winter Wonder Mint party. Roar and do something worthwhile.

FEBRUARY 12 via Designer ShowHouse Sip & See

Do a little good — peep in at the IDS ShowHouses Designer Sip and See. Nothing makes you feel better than giving back. Well, almost nothing.

THROUGH MID FEBRUARY Photo via: Charlotte on the Cheap

The Whitewater Center is slick. Hold hands and go. Pick them up when they fall. Pull them close. Ice it baby.

JANUARY 24 – FEBRUARY 15 via Charlotte Ballet

Innovation is key with any relationship. Keep it new. Keep it fresh. See Innovation Works for inspiration and keep it light. Express yourself.

JANUARY 23 via The Loyalist Market

Channel their interests and earn some serious points. Loyalist Market Jan 23, for the Bourbon Hunter event. What sounds better than that? Neat.

JANUARY 21 – 26 via Blumenthal

My Fair Lady is the story of a Eliza Doolittle. Can she be transformed? Or Isn’t She Lovey the way she is? Find out for yourself. Go to a show!

Would it be Charlotte without Chef Guest Chef Dinner Series at Hello, Sailor in the date night line-up? The best of the best? Yes.

Go to wine country. Savor each other at the 5th annual Winey Grapes event of the year. Secure your VIP access:

  • $45 until 1/19
  • $50 1/20 – 1/26
  • $55 1/27 – 1/31
  • $60 Day Of – 2/1
via Charlotte Ballet

Charlotte Ballet’s Dancing with the Stars is back and we have the link-up hook-up. Click on the Instagram link to donate and make a date night reservation. Watch local rockstars dance the night away for their causes. Impressed and going.

Unconventional or genius? Jam session of your very own is the date night we all need. Charlotte Folk Society jams every weekend. Get on stage and share those talents.

What do you want out of your new year? Hot date nights should be at the top of the list. Make 2020 the hottest year yet.

Now you know.