Transformation Story:
How Orangetheory Helped Her Lose 95 Lbs in the Quest to Get Healthy & In Shape

Guest Post by Loretta Acker

If you haven’t experienced me in one of your classes, chances are you will soon. You’ll know me by my hootin’ & hollerin’ – hugging & high five-in’! I like to think it not only helps others but helps me push myself to the max when class gets too quiet for my liking. Anyway, the expert demonstrators / coaches and higher ups at OTF have requested my story for this months news letter so get out the Kleenex, it’s a doozy!

A few years back, after my husband passed, I found myself in a not so happy place. I was depressed, out of shape and over weight. I was going thru the motions to maintain my kids, my job and my house, but I wasn’t maintaining myself and I was slowly sinking into an ugly abyss of drinking to numb the pain. It wasn’t until my kids took a picture of me passed out on the couch that I finally I had an epiphany. I decided to start my “Quest for my Best” and get my life back.

I joined Jenny Craig and with their help I started eating better and slowly the pounds were coming off. One day on my way home I saw a little orange bike on the side of the road. I had no idea what it was for but like a sign from above, I decided to pull over to investigate. I liked what I heard! I knew I needed to take my Quest to the next level and I knew I needed someone to push me in that direction. I became a founding member that day!

After waiting what seemed like an eternity, the grand opening of the Rock Hill OTF finally came along with their first weight loss challenge. I was consumed with excitement and determined to win! Workouts were hard but I could feel myself getting stronger every day. My pushes & all outs were getting higher and faster. Soon I was finding it harder and harder to get into the Orange as my body was getting into shape and my heart-rate was getting lower.

I placed 3rd in the weight loss challenge and I was ecstatic! The feeling I got after every class was addictive. After a little over 2 years of starting my Quest, I’ve reached my weight loss goal (down almost 95 lbs) and continue to improve on my fitness level. I love all the coaches, staff & owner like part of my family. I’ve even brought my son, Justin, in to workout over the summer hoping he catches the fitness bug as well.

As a pilot, I especially love how I can workout at any OTF in the world during my travels. I’m amazed how I can find an OTF near my hotel practically everywhere I go. That really helps to stay on track. I will always love our little Rock Hill OTF the best. I’ve experienced many different coaches but ours are by far the coolest and I can’t say enough good things about Jami Feldman.

It all started with a crazy spray painted orange bike on the side of the road that took me for the ride of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my can’t get into the orange zone heart!​

  • Rock Hill: (803) 667-3388
  • Ballantyne: (704) 412-4369
  • Quail Corners: (704) 247-6137
  • Arboretum: (704) 612-2102
  • South End: (704) 626-7322
  • Railyard: (704) 885-1300
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  • University: (704) 705-2377​
  • Harrisburg, NC:  (704) 464.4242

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