How to Host a Friendsgiving

Friends are our family. They stand in when parents and grandparents can’t be around. The best kind of friends grab us tight and hold us up when we stumble. They encourage us to be better. To keep going. To get out of the house on the days we can’t escape the weight of our world. They see who we really are.

Friendsgiving is for them. Create more than a meal. Show them what Friendsgiving is — without saying a word. Here’s how to pull it off expertly — in Charlotte. As we do.

The best thing about your friends and Friendsgiving is, there really are no rules. It’s easy. Less stressful. Host it on the day and time that works for your gang. The weekend before, the day of, the weekend after — with just left-overs. Make it a celebration though, and a tradition worth keeping.

Invite Them

Invitations set the tone. Formal. Informal. Crazy, last minute? Order & Send digitally. So many friendly choices.

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Stage It

Charlotte stores can supply you with all the garnishing — the beautiful home kind. Spread the love around every corner of your home. Lots more local items to shop for turkey day decor are in our post here.

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Be thankful for these!

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Could these BE any cuter?

Friendsgiving is the fun, friendly version of Thanksgiving, so if you don’t want to go all traditional and autumnal, then don’t! Check out party & event planner Sarah Sofia Productions purple, green & gold Boho Friendsgiving dinner decor here. So many great ideas in this one!

Set It All Up

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Look. At. This. You have to.

As everyone arrives — keep those fabulous friends out of your hair and around a Babe and Butcher board. She brings it.

Hand everyone a Pumpkin Pie Martini. Wait for the fun to start.

Or “Autumn In a Glass”. Bring the thanks back to you with this tasty beverage. Recipe for success.

The Meal

 If the very idea of cooking anything for a large group intimidates you, you can always go pot-luck, assigning one item to each friend. Below you’ll find local picks for ordering take-out for every item on your Friendsgiving menu.

Or you can pack up the decorations and head as a group to any one of our picks for Where to Have Thanksgiving in Charlotte if you don’t want to cook.

Remember ~ simple and relaxed trumps fancy and stuffed every time… just ask the turkey.


Scoop Picks for Where to Have Thanksgiving if You Don’t Want to Cook.

One bird. One ham. One stop at The Butcher’s Market. It’s all gravy.

Show your friends a trick or two. Give your turkey a flavor rub down. Don’t be like the others.

Make mashed potatoes memorable — mix in a specialty pimento cheese from Mere’s. Elevate.

No rolls here. Biscuits from Nellie’s Southern Kitchen is how we do carbs in Charlotte. Butter up those pals.

You ordered your veggies from Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen. Carrots, brussels… pick them up. Bring them home. Pass the Green Bean Casserole.

Sweets and Treats

Always have the best bottles of vino pour tes amis ~ like these from Cicchetti Wine Bar and Corkbuzz on hand. Buy a case. Or two. Be prepared and read all about it here. Impress.

Festive southern macarons? But of course. Button Macarons in Ft. Mill makes it happen.

Takes The Cake – really does. There are pound cakes and then there are these. We’ve tasted. We’ve tested. We tell you — order a few.

Golden flakey pie crusts for the win. Napa on Providence for all the buttery delicousness. Order ahead pronto.

The Secret Chocolatier is your way of sending everyone home — sweetly.

What does Friendsgiving Mean and Where Did it Come From?

Merriam Websters (who is now blogging, btw) defines it as self-explanatory – a large meal eaten with friends either on or near Thanksgiving. Most of us think it came from the FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes, those shows that launched a thousand GIFs, but that’s not clear. First mentions seems to have been on Usenet and Twitter in 2007.

However, the Friends Thanksgiving episodes capture the theme perfectly, so perfectly that Fathom Events is showing eight Thanksgiving-themed episodes in movie theaters across the country over two days: Nov. 24 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 25 at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Can’t make the movies? Perfect Friendsgiving entertainment ~ boot up the Netflix for a hysterical and nostalgic football alternative.

Here are the episodes:
“The One Where Underdog Gets Away”
“The One With The List”
“The One With The Football”
“The One With All The Thanksgivings”
“The One Where Ross Got High”
“The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs”
“The One With Rachel’s Other Sister”
“The One With The Late Thanksgiving”

Now, the only thing left to do is head to the park for a Friends-esque football match. Get the blood flowing and the appetites on high.

Channel Monica.

This series is brought to you by Roots Catering, which provides the community with locally-sourced, handcrafted catering for any event. Led by Executive Chef Craig Barbour, who with his experienced crew can specialize any menu for any occasion. From weddings, to social gathering and corporate events to everything in between, the Roots Catering team goes above and beyond to create and execute an unforgettable experience.

Roots Catering Tips for a Unique Friendsgiving

Find a Unique Space

Rent a little café, or find a cool Air BnB to have your ultimate friendsgiving.  This way you don’t have to get your own place ready to handle a crowd.  

Hire a Photographer

Invite an aspiring or professional photographer to the dinner and you will have amazing pictures that you and all your friends can share. 

Covered Supper

Task your friends with bringing a dish to the dinner.  Everyone will be striving to impress each other with their creations so you are sure to get some amazing dishes.  This allows you to really focus on the entertaining and hosting. 

Order In

Order a ton of food from your favorite Indian or Thai restaurant.   The great thing about Indian and Thai food is that it lends itself so well to a family style meal.  The warm spices and rich sauces and broths are perfect for the fall and offer a break from the traditional Thanksgiving fare.


Angela Williams
A writer in Charlotte trying to shop and eat at all the places.