Chef Alyssa’s Family Table Meals To Go are the Answer to Your Busy Life

Y’all have surely heard of Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen, the South End business started by a young chef (Alyssa) as a place for locals to learn to cook, and which has grown into a fantastic event venue, brunch spot, kids’ camp, take out lunch, take home dinner, catering, foodie mecca.

As they like to say at the Kitchen, “We help people enjoy delicious food in a bunch of ways.”

True that. A whole bunch. One of our favorite ways to enjoy their food ~ and their help ~ is with their Family Table Meals. Easy | Fresh | Delicious. Exactly like you would cook yourself if you had the time and/or inclination to make a full 3+ course healthy meal for dinner. Some days you do, some days you just don’t.

Maybe just a step above what I would cook for dinner though. The roasted chicken for instance, is served with a choice of an Herb Pan Sauce or Spanish Romesco. The salmon is broiled with a savory blend of sweet & smokey chilis, rosemary, & whole grain mustard or served with a Lemon Chimichurri Sauce.

Here’s the whole menu. Just like a restaurant menu, but for you to order ahead and take home for dinner.

You order online to pick up the next day. Family Table Meals serve up to 4, and include four entree portions, two small sides, small table salad & four dinner rolls. You can add on dessert if you want (and you’ll want once you see the choices).

There’s a nice flexibility in the ordering options too. If you want to order just the entrees, or just the sides, or big salads instead of entrees, you can do so. Or just dessert. That sounds like a perfect choice.

You can also order single entrees and sides, if it’s just you or the two of you or so you can toggle a family meal together on your own, like with Salmon for the adults and Chicken for the kids for example.

And you can order hot (for that evening) or cold (for a later date). Looking for the perfect Get Well / New Home / New Parent / New Baby present? This is it.

Everything is nut-free except two items, and there are Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan choices as marked.

Pick-Up is 4-8 pm Monday – Friday and they do require a 12 hour notice for all orders.

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