Providence Plastic Surgery Picks Your Top Treatments to Get Ready For Holiday Photos

Have you booked your photographer for your holiday photos? What about your outfit, your families’ coordinating outfits, the scarf for your dog, special trainer for your cat, the treats to bribe your children, and all the hair and make up support available to you? 

We’re betting you have. You’re a planner. You know your Black Friday, Shop Local Saturday, and Cyber Monday game plan and have since July. 


Have you thought about your skin? Have you scheduled the right procedures at the right time to ensure you glow in your family photo AND the endless selfies you’ll take throughout your parties this season? 

At Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center, they’ve got all the treatments you need to ensure you glow in every photo. Here are their top suggestions based on the amount of time you have in your schedule. 

If you’ve got less than an hour, their top recommendations are: 

  1. Intense Pulse Light, also known as IPL. Lay back and relax while our highly trained provider uses the IPL to clear dark spots, sun spots and red spots. You’ll walk out feeling spotless.
  2. HydraFacial. You know the satisfaction you got as a teenager seeing all your blackheads ripped away by a Biore strip? Well, the PPS HydraFacial gives you that satisfaction times 10. Your skin will receive a deep clean and you’ll walk away gunk free and glowing. You’ll be photo ready immediately after your treatment.
  3. Chemical Peel. You’ll need to time this treatment correctly. A chemical peel pulls the gunk up and helps you shed old skin. You’ll be fresh faced 5-7 days after this procedure. 
  4. Botox. Awww… a favorite for everyone. Get rid of crow’s feet, forehead lines and “angry mom face” before all of your holiday activities. 
  5. AquaGold. Last, but certainly not least is this go to treatment. It’s a mix of Botox and filler plus the PPS secret sauce to give you a firmer, plumper, fresher look. 

If you’ve got a little extra time, here are PPS’s top picks to ensure you are camera ready:

  1. PRP + Microneedling. PRP, also known as the Vampire Facial, with Microneedling, truly is the facelift without a facelift. The holy grail of facials, this combines teeny tiny needles with your own blood (spun for the PRP). Check with them on the downtime. It can vary depending on skin sensitivity. 
  2. Breast Augmentation. Okay… so, this is obviously a surgical procedure. However, most women are under anesthesia about 45 minutes and the results are instant. Why not go for an updated look in a totally unexpected way?
  3. Fillers. This is the ultimate treatment for a pretty pout, better cheek bones, getting rid of the undereye canyons and adding structure to your jawline. Trust us, your highlighter looks much better when your skin is full. 

We know the holidays can be as stressful as they are fun. That’s why Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center loves giving each of you whatever you need to keep you feeling your best. Follow them on Instagram (@providenceplasticsurgery) to keep up to date with deals ~ per the team there “We’re dropping deals faster than Cyber Monday prices!” 

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