Wifescoop: Spicing It Up In Charlotte – Hot New Date Nights for Fall

Keeping the heat going in Charlotte after the temps fall can take some planning. Good thing we are expert level.

Remember the heat? The heat that started it all? The feeling you had when you first met. The heat you felt after that first passionate kiss. The fire you absolutely must revive.

Resuscitate all of it. Make it spicy. Make it hot. Feel it all again with a hot date night.

Heat it up.

Photo Credit: Discovery Place

Discovery Place takes date night back to where it started. Measure the bar with a night exploring. It’s all chemistry.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Really open up at an oyster fest. Eat all of the oysters. Steamy.

Photo Credit: Queen Brie

Order The Queen Brie charcuterie board and head to uptown. Cop a squat in 4th ward park. A calm, beautiful romance that deserves another visit.

Learn something spicy in Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen. Then go home and go over lessons learned.

Photo Credit: Opera Carolina

Opera Carolina invites us to experience ‘The Scottish Play’. Watch. Appreciate the tragedy in each other and be ambitious in love once more.

Photo Credit: Boem

Book a Boem Boutique private party for 2. Snacks and beverages for them. Wardrobe stables for you. Be spoiled. Thank them after.

Photo credit: Action Bar

Colesium V Action Bar. Players gonna play so bring them here. Tame the game and go for the win.

Middle C Jazz Club is Uptown’s new heart and soul. We’ve been waiting for this level of classy.

Photo Credit: Stagioni

Meatball apps and a spicy margarita at Stagioni? Be unexpected.

Photo Credit: Arrichion

Take the heat up a notch and see if they can handle it. Hot Yoga at Arrichion. Have a stretch goal.

Photo Credit: The Queen and Glass

Have something to say? The Queen and Glass‘s printable drink machine takes the date night cocktail up a notch. Time-stamp everything.

Photo credit: The Batch House

Go for it with a dessert-only date at The Batch House. Get messy with a whole batch of s’mores brownies. Warm and toasty.

Photo Credit: AllTrails

Bundle up and take a different route. Make the trek to Paris Mountain State Park in SC for the landmark all-kinds-of-adventures date. Get back out there.

Photo credit: Latta Plantation

Fiddle & Fire: A Night at the Museum has holding hands written in the stars. Blankets mandatory. November 2nd is your chance. Make a wish.

Photo Credit: Seven Jars

Revisit anatomy — of a cigar class. Or take wine making at Seven Jars. Get schooled and learn something new.

Photo Credit: Hello Sailor

The hottest tickets in town are for Kindred & Hello Sailor Guest Chef Series. The ultimate fire. Take date night up — to the lake.

Photo: Facebook

Celebrate the Day of the Dead – Dia de Los Muertos at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. What should you do before it’s too late?

Have no regrets. Go heat up date night.