Guest post by Natasha Hemmingway

My Time Is Up! 

“My Time Is Up!” How often have you heard yourself say this to your image in the mirror, or simply in your head during a long and stressful day of meandering through your routine? As a Meaningful Success and Sales Coach for passionate, ambitious women, I can tell you that I have heard this line many times. Prior to my found career, I said this line many times to myself. However, I’ve seen too many beautiful revelations in women’s lives to know this about “time”—yours is NEVER up. In fact, just doing a quick google search will show you how many celebrities, entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires said these types of statements right before their time truly came to light.

Is your time up? Actually, no, it’s not! But, time is up when it comes to saying, “my time is up,” or “there are no more chances or opportunities.” Stop saying you’re out of time–because you are wrong. The truth is, your time is right now, it’s tomorrow, it’s the next day–because it’s never too late. You’re probably thinking, “she doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” or, “she couldn’t possibly understand my situation.” I promise, I do, and I can. And, I want You to start believing, and understanding, that positive change can happen when You want it to happen. Your time is not up. The goals you once had, the wishlist you once wrote, and the promises you once made to yourself can still be acted upon and achieved. Here’s the deal, it’s You who decides the “what, where, and how” of your heart’s desires. It’s You who must charter the course towards the life You want. 

#1 You Must Decide. 

No one else gets to decide when you start, when you stop, when you give up, or where you end up. Be empowered by that realization instead of being hindered by it. I want you to feel invigorated by the reality that You can get up, stay up, and make positive changes that create the life you want to live every day. It is never too late for you, or for your possibilities. Instead of reiterating to yourself that your time is up, start recognizing that you’re just getting started! 

#2 Fear Is False. 

Fear is the most prominent emotion that holds people back from going after the things they want in life. Yep, plain and simple (and good for nothing) fear keeps us where we don’t want to be. Fear nourishes insecurity and worry. It makes it easy for us to stay in a routine that makes us unhappy, do the things we think we “should” be doing and making the money we feel we “should” be making. It makes us chase status, approval, and security while preventing us from asking ourselves what we truly want.

When these moments hit, take a moment of pause. Which Pause is what I define as an opportunity for you to take your power back. Here’s a few actions to take to help you do this: 

  • Meditation
  • Journal
  • Prayer
  • Listen to music 
  • Meet a trusted friend for coffee
  • Have a solo dance party
  • Take a tech break day 
  • Lunch or dinner with trusted girlfriends

Your “Pause” has ended, but where do you go from here? How do you process your random thoughts and possible conclusions? You’re next step is to stand in your power by making Choices that allow you to be decisive from a place of truth and not fear. Tune in to the next article where I will continue to guide you through this process. 

Natasha Hemmingway 
Meaningful Success & Sales Coach Speaker Best Selling US & Intl Co-Author