How To Pronounce It
The New CLT Restaurant Names and Some Food Names You Might Be Saying Wrong

Admit it: At one point or another we’ve all opted for our second choice on the menu when we weren’t confident enough to pronounce our top desired dish. Or suggested dinner at the new hotspot only to be gently reminded about the correct pronunciation. It happens.

With so many new globally-inspired eateries and dishes popping up in Charlotte, we thought we’d do our readers a favor by providing a pronunciation guide. Read on to pronounce with confidence.

Restaurant & Dish Names to Know

Pronouced: [chee KET tee]

At this new Uptown eatery, build your own Bruschetta [broo·SKEH·tuh] with toppings such as Baccalà [bah·kuh·LAH] (Salted Cod) or Peperoncino [peh-peh-rohn-CHEE-noh] (roasted red peppers). Or, choose from a myriad of authentic Italian Bocconcini [bah·kuhn·CHEE·nee] (small bites) such as Acciughe [ah-CHOO-geh] (white anchovies).

Civetta Italian Kitchen + Bar
Pronounced: [ci-vét-ta]

Order the Crab Arancini [ä-rän-ˈchē-nē] (North Carolina crab, preserved lemon remoulade. Or opt for the Bistecca [bi-stéc-ca], grilled flat iron steak, semolina gnocchi, braised carrots and salmoriglio sauce.

La Belle Helene
Pronounced: [bell EH len]

Known for the Poulet rôti [poo-LAY ro-TEE] fingerling potatoes with rosemary and garlic. You can also feel confident ordering the Lyonnaise Frisée [lahy-uhneyzFrench lee-aw-nez free-ZAY] with poached free-range egg, country bacon.

Pronounced: [soup RE ka]

With dinner or appetizers, order the Paloma [puhloh-muh] with El Jimador Blanco, fresh lime, glass bottle of Squirt and salt. At brunch, don’t miss the Chilaquiles [chee·luh·kee·leiz] with crispy tortilla strips stewed in red chile sauce, 2 eggs sunny-side up, queso fresco and avocado.

Pronounced: [vi VAH chay]

Confidently order the Veal Saltimbocca [sahl-tim-boh-kuhItalian sahl-teem-bawk-kah] with prosciutto, herb & fontina stuffed veal, fresh mozzarella ravioli, wild mushrooms and a brown butter pan sauce.

Another popular pasta dish is the Tagliatelle Nero Arrabiata [tah-lyah-TELL-eh] with English peas, mussels, clams and a spicy arrabiatta sauce.

Pronounced: [KO pan]

Don’t mistake the pronunciation of this favorite catering service and soon-to-be brick and mortar location in SouthPark. They’ve even included an audio aid on their website.

Aria Tuscan Grill
Pronounced: [AHR-ee-uh]

Aria serves popular Italian dishes such as Caramelized Gnocchi [NYOH-kee] and Caprese [kuh·PRAY-zay] Salad.


Italian dishes can be tricky to pronounce. Two dishes to know at Angeline’s:

  • Polpette [pohl∙PET∙teh] Lamb and Pork Meatball, Pomodoro, Taleggio [tah-LEZH-oh] Fonduta
  • Oxtail Cacciatore [kah-chuhtawr-ee, –tohr-ee] with Riagti,‎ Braised Oxtail, Puttanesca, Olive and Caper.

Dilworth Tasting Room

In Dilworth, enjoy Croatian dishes in the tasting room or secret garden-like patio. Two dishes to know:

Croatian Pastisada [Krow-ei-shn Past-i-sa-dah]

Croatian Octopus Peka [Krow-ei-shn Oct-o-pus Pek-ah]

Bar Marcel

In SouthPark, order the Bouillabaisse [BOOL-yuh-BAYZ] with mussels, clams, diver scallop, fresh catch and roullie.

For lighter fare, opt for the Niçoise salad [nee-SWAHZ] with grilled tuna, egg, haricot verts, niçoise olives, potato, cherry tomato, fennel and herb balsamic.

The Stanley

At The Stanley in Elizabeth, don’t miss out on the Foie Gras [fwah grah] with strawberries, rhubarb, citrus, white chocolate and nasturtium.

Taco Molino
Pronounced: [moh-LEE-noh]

For fresh fare, order the Jicama Salad [HEE-kah-mah] with shredded greens, jicama, carrots, peppers, jalapeno, pepitas, shaved cabbage and cilantro lime dressing.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Start your meal with the Roti Canai [roh-tee cha-nye], a Malaysian flat bread served with a side of signature curry sauce.

Pronunced: [MEH – res]

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From Jamon Iberico to prosciutto and salumi, you’ll want to start out by pronouncing the name of this new Dilworth hotspot correctly.

Capishe: Real Italian Kitchen
Pronounced: [kuhpeesh]

In Dilworth, go with the Calabria Piccante [pic-càn-te] made with Capishe red sauce, bufala mozzarella, calabrian peppers, spicy soppressata, fresh garlic and basil.

Tandur Indian Kitchen
Pronounced: [tan-dur]

Don’t shy away from ordering the Tikka Masala [tee-kuh-muh-saa-luh] or Paneer [puh·neer] at Tandur, which has locations in SouthPark and South Charlotte.

Inizio Pizza Napoletana Dilworth
Pronounced: [in-EE-ts-yoh]

A pizza to know at Inizio: the Capricciosa [kah-pree-choh-za] with Artichoke, Prosciutto Ham, Mushroom, San Marzano Tomato Sauce and Buffalo Mozzarella.

Corkbuzz Charlotte

In SouthPark, try the Coq au Vin [kawk aw van] with braised chicken thigh, roasted root vegetables, cauliflower puree and natural jus.

Pronounced: [ìn-da-co]

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Coming soon to Atherton Mill, it will be good to know this Italian spot’s name.

Common Ingredients and Items to Know:

Charcuterie: char-COO-ter-ee

Prosciutto: proh-SHOO-toh

Macaron/macaroon: Did you know these treats aren’t the same thing? Macarons (mahck-eh-rohn) are meringue-like pastries made from egg whites and almond powder. Macaroons are dense cookies made from shredded coconut (mack-ah-ROON).

Hors d’oeuvres: [or DERV]

Habanero: [ah-bah-NEH-roh]

Anise/star anise: [AN-iss]

Crème fraiche: [krem FRESH]

Mole: [MOH-lay]

Jambalaya: [juhm-buh-LIE-yah]

Moussaka: [Moo-sah-KAH]

Bouillon: [boo-YAWn]

Have one we missed but you have a question about? Comment below and we’ll find out and update!