We Got A Custom Made, Japanese Tailored Suit ~ Here’s How.

Your very own made to measure suit.
Delivery in as few as 10 days.
Starting at just $300.

This sounded too good to be true, especially for our “needs an interview suit now” son. I was definitely intruiged. I’ve heard about the quality of Japanese tailors and bespoke suiting for years, but these were mostly out of our budget.

When KASHIYAMA the Smart Tailor reached out after opening their Charlotte location, I jumped at the chance to try to process out.

What is KASHIYAMA and How Do You Say It?

KASHIYAMA (kosh-ee-YAH-ma) The Smart Tailor is Japan’s top made-to-measure suit brand, and part of The Onward Group whose collection of over 50 brands includes J.PRESS and Jil Sander.

KASHIYAMA The Smart Tailor (KST) uses cutting-edge technologies and its own wholly-owned production centers to provide made-to-order suits at prices starting from $300 and delivered in as little as 10 days. It’s pretty cool that Charlotte joins other US locations deemed as key business hubs for KASHIYAMA in New York, Dallas, DC, Boston and Philadelphia.

See lots more options & samples at their IG @kashiyamatailors

Getting The New Suit

First, make your appointment.
One of three ways. Online here, scroll down through locations to Charlotte and select “reserve”, click thru the steps and calendar to select your date & time from those available. You can also call 704-965-5090, or email [email protected] to book an appointment. Same day appointments available depending on schedule and must be booked via phone call.

Head over to WeWork Uptown
Wear a dress shirt and the shoes you would wear with your suit if possible. (Our son wore some german retro sneakers he loves, of course) Robert Davis Jr is the CLT KST Guide Shop Manager, and you’ll feel immediately comfortable with his guidance. Robert’s been in Charlotte menswear for quite a while, as a Nordstrom Southpark Personal Stylist, the Store Manager at Ike Behar Phillips Place and the Tailored Clothing Business Manager at Dillards Southpark. You’re in good hands with Robert, he’s super personable and he likes to get to know you a little to help guide your selection(s).

Make Your Selections
Guidance is good, because there are over 200 standard fabrics and dozens of customization preferences to creating your one-of-a-kind suit. You will be picking your fit preference, and Robert will take detailed measurements for a custom fit. You’ll be able to pick from several different styling options like lining, lapel, type of vents, type of pockets, number of buttons, sleeve buttons (functional or decorative), cuffs or not, length of cuffs, how much break, and more.

If, like our son, this is your first suit fitting, you’ll learn a lot about wearing a suit as part of the process. Robert has a wealth of information on fit and comfort. I highly recommend KST as one of his first suits, since at prices as low as $300, you not only get a completely customized made-to-measure suit, you will learn the ins and outs of suiting as you go through the fitting process.

(PS I love this as a graduation gift ~ the actual fitting process is really cool and feels very special).

I also love this as a first navy blazer, because again, at $230 the price is comparable to anything “starter” you would buy, and the fitting process would be a great foundation for future style.

We upgraded to a $500 suit, as we wanted something in 100% wool and good for year-round wearing in Charlotte and up north where he’s in college. There are books of dozens and dozens of fabric choices, and you can go up to the $800, including luxury fabrics from the Italian mill Loro Piana. If you know cashmere and wools, you know a custom fit suit in a Loro Piana wool for $800 is a huge deal.

Get Measured.
It takes about an hour all in, and there are a lot of questions, so if you’re unsure, bring along someone to help with decisions. You can get a lot of counsel from the tailor, but in the end, it’s your style and preference that counts.

Make your custom choices.
There are 160 unique size patterns to create the perfect fit built from decades of fashion house experience.
200+ fabric options
Dozens of lining options
34 button options
Monogramming style and placement, etc. etc.

Wait 10 days to 3 weeks for delivery.
Your custom made suit will be delivered to your specified address in KST’s proprietary “Pack Runner” packaging. This uses a specialized compression technique to protect your new suit against damage and wrinkles by removing all air and moisture before sealing and shipping. Once received, you simply hang the suit on a hanger after unsealing and it returns to its original shape within a few hours.

It’s All Easy & Very Well Done.

The suit arrived at college in just under 3 weeks and he’s very happy with it. With some prodding we got a photo. It’s exactly what he wanted.

Excuse the dorm decor, etc.

Hours:Tuesday to Saturday, 10a – 7p
By Appointment Only

TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Call 704.965.5090
Visit kashiyama1927.com
[email protected]


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