Charlotte Women Share What Joining the Women’s Impact Fund Means to Them

Charlotte based WOMEN’S IMPACT FUND continues to grow its membership of professional women by offering a way to impact the local community with no strings attached. For top professionals with countless invites on their calendar, the opportunity to opt out of additional social events while still making a difference can be very attractive. The Women’s Impact Fund does just that, optional attendance at all meetings and events while making sure that members contributions are given to Charlotte non-profits aligned with their values and concerns.

The Women’s Impact Fund recently announced the addition of their first Executive Director, Patricia Massey Hoke.

Why become a Women’s Impact Fund member?

Women’s Impact Fund member Sonja Nichols

“I really feel like the Women’s Impact Fund allowed me to be my authentic self more than every other organization.”

Sonja Nichols

For member Sonja Nichols, the Women’s Impact Fund gives all members an equal voice, which helps to foster a powerful community. There’s an inclusive, accepting atmosphere, and collective philanthropy based on women coming together regardless of religion and politics. Nichols also values the research process to make sure that Women’s Impact Fund grants and giving will have a sustainable impact, creating lasting change in countless ways.

Women’s Impact Fund members Kathy & Kailey Izard

I was always learning how to help people and have empathy; and, too, the amount of joy on someone’s face when you give them a meal? That feeling makes you want to do it more.”
Kailey Izard

Kailey Izard grew up volunteering on a consistent basis with her mom, Kathy Izard, so it is only fitting that they continue their commitment to the Charlotte community together through membership with the Women’s Impact Fund. The mother/daughter duo bring a wealth of volunteer experience to the Women’s Impact Fund. Kathy has been instrumental to several Charlotte projects including Moore Place, Charlotte’s first permanent supportive housing solution for chronically homeless men and women and Hopeway, Charlotte’s first nonprofit mental health treatment center. Daughter Kailey continues here hands on volunteering working with Operation Sandwich, providing sandwiches to those in need.

Women’s Impact Fund member Laura Fiovanti

It’s so easy to get involved right away, and there are no barriers to being as engaged as you want to be.”

Laura Fiorvanti

Corkbuzz co-owner Laura Fiorvanti, was looking for a way to connect with professional women in the Charlotte community when she was introduced to the Women’s Impact Fund. “I’ve learned that Charlotte is a close knit community of people that is really warm, and willing and able to help one another,” said Fiorvanti. Membership with the Women’s Impact Fund helped Fiorvanti find a group of like minded professional women. Fiorvanti goes on to say, “It’s great to be able to pick each other’s brains and learn from each other, and together make such a powerful impact.”

Make plans to attend Social Hour for Social Issues

The Women’s Impact Fund is excited to partner with Queen City Quiz Show for an interactive exploration of affordable housing at Social Hour for Social Issues. Winner of the 2016 Knight Cities Challenge, Queen City Quiz Show is a live, traveling quiz show produced by Charlotte Is Creative. Established as a new way to educate Charlotte residents about the city’s history and current events, these shows are designed to entertain, enlighten and challenge participants. Join them on Tuesday, October 15, 2019
5:30pm – 8:30pm by securing your tickets here.

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The Women’s Impact Fund was created in 2003 through the leadership of Mary Lou Babb and Claire Tate and 158 founding members. The purpose of the fund is to maximize women’s leadership philanthropy by engaging and educating its membership, increasing charitable contributions and strengthening communities through the impact of collective giving. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed.