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Many of us are looking to connection and collaborate on a consistent basis with likeminded people. With the KNOW Book + Tribe, we seek to provide just this type of community. 

Created in 2017 by Sarah Benken, KNOW Book + Tribe started as a way to bring more attention to dynamic women doing remarkable things in the Phoenix metro. We knew there were an outstanding number of women impacting the community and making big strides in their industries. Our goal was to get those women from behind their computer screens and into the public eye. Thus, we created the KNOW Book, a carefully curated publication that would feature vision-led women in a glamorous and authentic style.

As the momentum grew and we recognized the need for more, we launched our Tribe around the women featured in our KNOW Book. Our mix & mingles soon ensued and we witnessed incredible things happening. We saw our women doing business with each other, creating friendships, supporting each other, collaborating on projects together and so much more. What started as a fun project to spotlight women, has turned into a full-blown movement. The KNOW Book + Tribe has expanded beyond its birthplace of Phoenix, Arizona and its aim is to launch in every major city across the United States and Canada.

Arden & Cel

In Charlotte, we’re closing in our second Book and we could not be more excited. This year, Charlotte is being led by Cel Thompson and me, Arden McLaughlin. Both of us have a passion for building community and see the KNOW Book + Tribe as the perfect avenue for those we want to surround ourselves with and how we want to conduct business.

We want you to join them in the Tribe!

Join this awesome amazing community of CLTWOMEN!

The Know Book & Tribe

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