How We Work…with 4 CLT Women Who Use WeWork. Plus a 3 Month Hot Desk Giveaway.

WeWork just opened its 3rd Charlotte location, this one in the Railyard in South End, and it’s already sold out on Hot Desk memberships thru 9/1. That got us wondering. Who all uses these co-working spaces and how does that work? All the scoop girls are in the gig-economy, in one way or another. It’s either our full time, our part time, or our side hustle job, but we all work out of our homes or our real job offices, on the dl of course. What makes a co-working space better than your home office or den?

We checked in with 4 local women who use WeWork for their business to find out more about how they work.

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Kara Hollinger

Owner and Creative Director, Made Outside

Made Outside is a Brand Development and Creative Services Firm. It is locally and 100% female owned.

What does your company do?

We create brands that help connect consumers to their product or business. Our ability to make mindful and connecting visuals with strong are the biggest differentiator and help our clients stand apart from their competition.

How do you use WeWork?

We work virtually but have a home base out of WeWork with a private office at WeWork Stonewall, where we’ve been since Jan 2019. Some of our staff uses it 40 hours a week, while others use to plug in and rather work remotely.

What’s your favorite thing about NOT having a formal office for this business?

As a virtual business who has clients nationally, being able to plug into WeWork offices around the globe has been a huge asset.

What’s your favorite thing about using WeWork instead?

I love the convenience and easy setup when we were starting out. It enabled me to simplify my business but still enjoy a community to connect with. It’s also nice to allow my staff to have a home base where they can meet new people and not feel isolated working from home or in a small office full time.

What’s the biggest challenge to not having a permanent office space?

Parking is the only inconvenience I can think of and honestly as fast as Charlotte is growing – it’s going to be an on-going problem with all businesses around Center City. While parking is not something WeWork offers, being on the light rail is convenient for my staff. They choose to take the light rail most days.

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Brittni Kinney Ratliff

Vice President, Influence & Co.

Influence & Co. is a content marketing agency headquartered in Columbia, Missouri with offices in St. Louis, Missouri (GO BLUES) and Kansas City, Missouri. We have remote members spread across NC, Colorado, Washington, Arizona and Michigan. We specialize in developing strategy and content creation across the buyer journey for companies ranging from startups to Microsoft.

How do you use WeWork?

WeWork is my office-away-from-home-office. I have a Hot Desk membership and you can find me and my furry assistant, George (a very lazy 90-pound German Shepherd/Husky) at a desk by the windows every day. I usually get in around 7:45AM and dip out just before rush hour traffic starts building up.

What’s your favorite thing about NOT having a formal office for this job?

A formal office would be totally off-brand for my company and role. By nature, what we do is immersive and collaborative and I think a more traditional office setting would feel stifling. At WeWork, I can hop in and out of a phone booth for a quick call, chat with some of my new co-working friends while nomming on charcuterie on the couch or buckle down and tackle emails at my preferred hot spot desk. I honestly can’t imagine not having my dog by my side. He’s a terrible assistant, constantly sleeps on the job but overall, very cute. My home office back in Missouri is a big, open-space, dog-friendly environment so WeWork is a perfect fit.

What’s your favorite thing about using WeWork instead?

Hard to pick just one thing but the Lenny Boy kombucha on tap is pretty high up there. Second to fermented tea is definitely the amazing staff. From my very first day, the WeWork crew has made me feel welcomed and included. It’s hard being away from my Influence & Co. family but WeWork has filled in the St. Louis sized hole I have in my heart and I’m super grateful. I love coming to work every day.

What’s the biggest challenge to not having an office for this job?

Honestly, this is my preferred work vibe for maximum thrivage. My only qualm is, since I have a hot desk and not a dedicated space, I can’t keep things at my WeWork overnight. If I could, I’d have a locker with a sweater (because, cold) , my dog’s water bowl and some extra .38 G-2 Pilot pens–just in case. I walk almost a mile to my WeWork so anything I want to bring with me needs to be on my person. I’m basically constantly training for a mountain backpacking trip but…inadvertently. So if I had one suggestion it would be LOCKERS to go with my Hot Desk!

Three things you think scoop’s readers should know about using WeWork as their office space:

One: Get to know the staff. Maybe I’m spoiled at the S. Tryon location, but I’m low-key obsessed with the employees of WeWork. They have the best food, drink and hiking recommendations, they spoil George with lots of treats and belly rubs and are happy to let me chime in to any Game of Thrones related banter. Plus they genuinely care about fostering community. One staff member introduced me to another remote worker and she and I now regularly host Bachelorette watch parties together (no shame!)

Two: Take advantage of the events. Our staff is always connecting WeWork to local companies or hosting events on-site. I’m soliciting my husband (a sports Chiropractor) to come in on Wellness Wednesdays and do a tutorial on mobility for people in sedentary desk jobs. They also often have experts within WeWork come talk about data science, cybersecurity, mobile marketing–there’s so much going on!

Three: The CLT WeWork locations are clutch. All three are essentially spread down S. Tryon and each has a unique vibe. I recommend getting a day pass in each to get a better feel for the best fit for you. Do a quick Yelp search of the walkable restaurants and bars (especially if you’ll be hosting any company events, clients or potential client meetings) so you have a good idea of where you might grab a post-work drink or get your lunch from. If you often have clients visiting, it may make the most sense to get a membership at a WeWork closest to a nearby hotel. The Stonewall location also has access to an in-building fitness center whereas the RailYard is close to free street parking. All perks to keep in mind but ultimately, you’ll know from the general ambiance which one will be home for you.

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Hilary Maskas

Director of Recruiting Operations – Player/Coach, HuntSource

HuntSource is a Talent Solutions firm focused exclusively in Cyber and Information Security, Governance, Risk, and Compliance, and Data Intelligence. We are locally owned in Charlotte, but we operate both here and across the country; in fact we just opened a new office in Atlanta with plans for more expansion into other markets like DC and Boston. Our two Managing Partners, Matt and Jack started the company a little over two years ago and I was one of the first leaders to join the team. I joined at the beginning of 2018 to help build up our recruiting team, drive process improvement and streamline efficiencies to ensure a better experience for both the client and candidates we work and ultimately, delivering the right talent for the job. We are about 12 people now, and work with a number of clients here locally from SMB to Enterprise level in addition to those who have taken us across the country.

How do you use WeWork?

We have our main office in the 128 S Trying Building where most of us reside throughout the week with the exceptions of client meetings, candidate meetings, etc. We also bring a lot of people into the space (21st) floor and consistently host our CyberConnect Series events here on a bi-monthly basis with another channel partner. There’s been a huge ask from the market when it comes to more ways to bring the Cyber and Data community together here in Charlotte, so we’ve been able to bridge that solution through the WeWork community space and getting large groups of people in here to network. We also use the WeWork space in Atlanta and DC and specifically sought out this type of model so that we could utilize it in that way as we continue to scale.

How often do you use WeWork?

I am here 5 days a week, most of the day with the exception of off-site meetings with clients/candidates, etc.

What’s your favorite thing about NOT having a formal office for this job? And What’s your favorite thing about using WeWork instead?

The connections you make with other people/other companies that are also working here. It just makes it a more fun and rewarding experience as opposed to only seeing those you work with everyday. It also provides an easier way to access other unique people in the Charlotte professionals scene. Additionally, you never feel like you’re far from home. Going to DC you have an office space you can check into and offer up a spot to meet for those we’re doing business with in the area. It gives us a presence there automatically which is very important to our clients.

What’s the biggest challenge to not having an office for this job or business?

I haven’t come across one yet. Its rare that WeWork doesn’t have conference room availability for meetings or prior conversations, so I don’t know what else you really need.

Things you think scoop’s readers should know about using WeWork as their office space?

One: if you’re looking for a way to get out of your home office space and make lasting connections with other people/companies, perhaps increase your referral book of business, we’ve seen that happen as a company completely naturally as a result of being here.

Two: If your job requires that you meet people in person, having a venue and free forum to do so, in addition to gaining access to a ton of local industry events/knowledge shares/resources that you may not know about.

Rachel Miner

Founder & Owner, Thrive Benefits LLC

Thrive Benefits LLC is a boutique benefits consulting firm located in Charlotte, NC. We work with companies in NC and SC helping them to do two things. We save companies money on their healthcare related expenses so they can have maintain good benefits year over year, and we help their employees to be smarter consumers of their healthcare.

How do you use WeWork?

I started out having a shared community office, moved to my own office and now have two people and am looking for a larger office.

How often do you use WeWork?

I’m at WeWork all week when I’m not out at client or prospect meetings.

What’s your favorite thing about NOT having a formal office for this business?

I like the fact that I’m able to collaborate with my team and we thrive (no pun intended) off the positive energy of everyone else around us.

What’s your favorite thing about using WeWork instead?

I love the people that work at WeWork and the fact that there is always new stuff going on in the office.

Three things you think scoop’s readers should know about using WeWork as their office space?

1. It’s got really good energy to motivate you.

2. I feel encouraged by business owners around me who believe in me.

3. It’s easy and not expensive to grow with my space.

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