18 Charlotte Artists Making Your Home and our Local Galleries Beautiful

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Have you ever been to a museum or gallery and wished you could buy one of the pieces you saw? Charlotte is fortunate to have numerous art museums and galleries for patrons to peruse colorful and thought-provoking pieces. From modern art to ceramics, you can get a taste of all different mediums and styles. (Check out our article on Women Owned Charlotte Art Galleries Here).

Charlotte is also fortunate to have some incredible female artists in our fair city, who not only are represented in galleries, but who also have art that can be easily bought. Thinking of sprucing up your living room or creating a focal point over your mantle? Well, then it is time to get inspired. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite local artists and the galleries/showrooms/sites where you can find them and purchase their work.

We know that there are more amazing female artists in Charlotte and that this is just a sampling. Please add your favorite local artist, including yourself, and where you’ve purchased their pieces from in the COMMENTS section below, so all can see and support.

Lauren Bolshakov, The Art Salon

Lauren Bolshakov is an artist and dancer and has been painting professionally since 2009. Her current focus is on figurative and abstract works, primarily in mixed and water-based medias, with soft colors and strong lines.

Holly Graham, The Art Salon

Holly Graham focuses on creating abstract interpretations of her everyday experiences and is influenced by abstract expressionists, especially the action painters of the mid-20th century

Marcy Gregg, Anne Neilson Fine Art

Marcy Gregg lost much of her memory after falling into a coma after the birth of her third child. Working towards rebuilding her life, Marcy eventually returned to her love of art and now creates works that are almost puzzles, focusing on finding lost lines.

Tyler Helfrich, Art House Charlotte

Tyler Helfrich has a lifelong love affair with color, which is reflected in the whimsical yet stunning paintings she creates. With a background in poetry and interior design, her paintings tell stories and become the focal point of any room.

Sarah Helser, Hiddell Brooks Gallery

Sarah Helser was born in High Point and attended the University of North Carolina – Greensboro where she studied fine arts. Her pieces focus on combining abstract and realist forms to showcase the beauty in the world.

Lindsay Jones, Shain Gallery and The Art Salon

Lindsay Jones is an oil painter who focuses on landscape and abstract painting and is a member of Studio 117, a local art studio and workshop based in Charlotte. Lindsay’s work may be seen and purchased throughout the Queen City at various galleries.

Ruth Ava Lyons, Hiddell Brooks Gallery

Ruth Ava Lyons is well known in the NoDa art circle for not only her art, but for also owning the now closed Center Of The Earth Gallery, which was open for over 20 years. A Fulbright Fellowship recipient, her art focuses on nature and man’s effect on our natural world.

Monique Luck

Monique Luck has had her work shown at the Mint Museum, the McColl Center, and the Harvey B. Gantt Center. Monique is known for the way she weaves colors and stories into her pieces.

Susan McAlister, Hiddell Brooks Gallery

Susan McAlister received her B.A. from Davidson College and has been painting for over 30 years.  She paints lush, often abstract landscapes and applies multiple layers of paint, wax, and marble dust to her pieces.

Trudi Norris, Anne Neilson Fine Art

Trudi Norris specializes in hidden layers to her painters. She starts with charcoal or graphite markings on her canvas, often writing poetry on the canvas, and then paints it quickly. She then works and reworks the canvas, painting over things, adding things, until she gets to the final piece.

Laura Park, Shain Gallery

Laura Park is a fine artist and interior designer. Using her paintings as inspiration to design textiles that can be used for pillows or bedding, Laura’s art can be hung or held.

Kit Porter, The Art Salon

Kit Porter received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the University of the South. Through an abstract style all her own, her work explores the beauty and concurrent destruction of the coastal environment.

Patti Ratcliffe, The Art Salon

Prior to becoming a full-time painter, Patti Ratcliffe was a graphic designer who ran a successful independent firm for more than 30 years. Many of her pieces reflect her love of travel and nature, and always have a playful light element.

Lauren Reddick, Art House Charlotte

Ashley Sellner, The Art Salon

Ashley Sellner is an artist and photographer who has worked in the visual arts for twenty years.  Ashley received her B.A. in art history from Wake Forest University. Her fine arts practice focuses on both painting and collage.

Kristen van Diggelen Sloan, McColl Center for Art + Innovation

Kristen van Diggelen Sloan specializes in both painting and creating sculptures. Her work is inspired by natural science, poetry and various religious traditions and history.

Margo Whitley, The Art Salon 

Molly Wright, Art House Charlotte 

Molly Wright received a B.A. in fine art from Randolph Macon Women’s College. After years of working in oils, Molly switched over to acrylic in 2014.

Since there are so many amazing women artists in Charlotte, we wanted to include a few more who are available for commissions and for sales.

  1. Bree Stallings
  2. Grace Stott
  3. Sharon Dowell
  4. Carmen Neely
  5. Rosalía Torres-Weiner

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