Create Beautiful Bedrooms with These Interior Designers’ Tips

One could argue there is no other room that plays such an intimate part in our daily lives as our bedroom.  It is the last place we lay our heads down at night, and the first place we see when we wake to a fresh new day.

Here we feel at peace, we are truly ourselves. Our bedrooms serve as our escape from the world, and they deserve extra care and detail when designing.  Bedside Manor is the ultimate store in Charlotte for all of your bedroom needs from guests to master, and you’ll find everything you are looking for to create your private oasis. We’ve spoken to several designers who work with Bedside Manor to help you narrow done just what is trending, what you need, and where to find it.

Where to Start?

Matouk Olivia

You’ve decided to take the plunge in redecorating, or perhaps you’ve moved and want to start anew.  But where do you start? Customers can start from scratch in our store, with only an inkling about where to begin. “We help with designing a bedroom from picking paint colors from start to finish,” explains Cathy Jones of Cathy Jones Interiors and Bedside Manor. It does help if you bring in photos of your current room(s), as well as room designs you like.

Start with the Bed & Bedding (of course)

Ann Gish Hammered

To help inspire you and get your mind going, “Bedside Manor has six beds dressed with different vendors that represent a lot of what we sell.  Most people can tell you how they like it if it is all pulled together on one bed,” explains Cathy.

She likes to recommend the following for “dressing” a King size bed:

  • 3 European Pillows in the back
  • Sleeping pillows behind them
  • In front of the Euros are king-size shams (not for sleeping)
  • Followed by 2 decorative or lumbar pillows
  • Duvet covers with light or medium weight inserts by Scandia for the end of the bed  
  • Decorative sheeting, either percale or sateen, add to the design and color to the bedding.

“Sleeping pillows made of down or down alternative make a huge difference in the way the bed looks and feels,” says Jones.

Color Trends Now

Ann Gish Serenity

“For the most part, people still like their bedrooms pretty serene using silvery greys and taupes and accent with soft colors,” says Layton Campbell of JLayton Interiors.  “In recent years blush has been a big player,” comments Campbell. “Soft blues and lavenders are easy to live with; easy to rest with.” 

Stylish Pieces

Pine Cone Hill Cambridge Pouf

Accessories are the pieces where you can risk a little more and go out on a limb. If you don’t love it in two years, no problem, you can easily swap it out for something new. “Gold finishes have really been predominant lately, but I think that is going to give way to mixed metal accessories. (Try this Bird & Co Hot Tin Roof decorative tray). Marbleized boxes and organic accessories are also big players this season,” comments Campbell. 

Filling an Overly Large Space

Large bedrooms are a blessing, but they can present a conundrum when decorating. Suddenly, furniture that felt large in a previous bedroom feels insignificant in the vast space. How do you fill the void while still creating a cozy retreat? Here are some suggestions.

Vanguard Glenwood Bed

An oversized headboard can make a room fill full but not overcrowded. Bedside Manor offers frames from Vanguard.  They offer a customized look with ornate details that easily fill the void of a blank bedroom wall.

“Upholstered headboards are always in style. Depending on my client’s style, we could go with sleek and simple, or with a fun custom design,” comments  Ali McPhail of Ali McPhail Interior Design. “Details like piping and nailheads always add some custom style too. I like to use neutral fabrics with texture on headboards. They can outlast trends, and we can change out bedding to make the investment last for years.”

Vivacious Walls

Playing with colors can also change the feel of a large room. Darker colors help to make a space feel more manageable.

Bright and bold wallpaper gives a room an added pop. Place on just one wall to make a bold statement. “Wallpaper is a favorite as well. Whether you have an accent wall or use grasscloth on all your walls, texture and color can really bring your walls in and add an element of coziness,” says McPhail.

Vanguard Pennington Bed

Creating Zones

“Creating individual spaces within the room helps tremendously. If you can add a seating area or reading niche you will use your bedroom in multiple ways,” suggests McPhail. “I like to layer a rug under beds and sitting areas-even if you have wall to wall carpeting. It helps to anchor your furniture and bring the areas together. If you have multiple areas in a room, I use the same rug in each space to make a cohesive look.”

Master Bath Flow

Matouk Maya Bath Rug

Bedside Manor offers not only a complete collection of bedroom linens but also a wide variety of bath products and accessories as well. You will find everything from exquisite linens to bath luxuries such as candles and soaps to make any space feel special.

Campbell suggests using the tile selections in the bathroom to jumpstart the bedroom pallet. “If you have white tile with grey accents, use this as a springboard for the rest of your master design. You want to avoid a shock feeling form going from one space to another. Your design definitely needs to flow.”

Matouk Nikita Bath Rug

Another tip to create flow among rooms comes from McPhail. She says, “If you have a niche in between I love using wallpaper to marry the spaces. It’s a great way to make a small space inviting and lead you to the bathroom. If you don’t have a niche, you can still use wallpaper or paint to connect the rooms. I like to paint or paper a bathroom a shade darker than the bedroom connecting. It is a subtle way to add dimension and warmth to the space and leads you in. If you are papering one of the rooms-pick up a color in the paper to paint the adjoining room. They will look like they were meant to be together without being too matchy.”

Issues Faced with Master Down

Clients tend to love a master down, but doing so presents its own challenges. “People love a master downstairs, but you need to connect it to the rest of the house or at least make a great statement with it. You are more likely to have guests and the “general public” see it, so make it fun,” suggests McPhail.

Pine Cone Hill Hoyt

Layton says the thing to keep in mind is your flow among all the room, you to tie in colors everywhere in the house. “You may start with strong colors in main living take those tones and lighten and soften them for the bedroom. If you are using a deep purple/blue and grey pallet in the living area, switch to lighter grey and lilac for an accent color in the bedroom.”

Luxury Linens

Home Treasures: Links King Duvet Cover

Elegant details in bedding and layers to your bed are always on-trend. The more luxurious and layered your bed looks, the more time you want to spend relaxing in it! Quality sheeting is widely available at excellent price points, and an investment in great bedding will have you sleeping better and more restfully than using lesser quality sheets that you need to replace often.

Bedside Manor utilizes a wide array of linens.  “I love Home Treasures because they have so so many custom options available. They offer different patterns and colors to create one of kind of bed,” says Campbell.

Sferra Celeste Collection

Another favorite of Campbell’s is Sferra. He calls it one of his “favorite things” because of the attention to detail and pride the brand takes in all of their products. Sferra offers a wide variety of luxury sheeting from elegant to modern designs, in the highest quality materials. 

SDH Bali Cal King Fitted Sheet

“There are so many wonderful fine linen lines that most people wanting design advice for their bedroom would never see or know.  Matouk, Sferra, and Pine Cone Hill are the most recognizable names in the industry, but I also recommend SDH, a California line specializing in fine European linens inspired by old world weavers.  The linens are all made of pure linen and very breathable having both a sexy and masculine feel,” explains Jones. 

What It’s All About

“Creating a restful and luxurious retreat is an important trend. We are so busy as a society and in our day-to-day lives that creating a restful space to “decompress” at the end of the day is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. By spending the time and money to create a peaceful room, you gain the ability to relax, recharge, and refresh,” says McPhail. 


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“As an interior designer for 32 years, owning an English and French antique store in Charlotte, working part-time at Bedside Manor is a wonderful added addition to my expertise in designing beautiful rooms and bedrooms.”

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“Layton’s biggest sense of accomplishment is that he can work within a broad variety of design styles. Thus, his work does not have a routine standard appearance.”

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