How to Get Your Kids in the Kitchen This Summer

Summer is here, and not only do we have to be weary of those dreaded two words ~ I’m bored ~ but more worrisome is the countless hours the kids will try to spend on screens. What’s a mom to do? How about a structured at-home activity that also helps them find the love of cooking? You can all learn a lot in the kitchen this summer with a new DIY, camp at home program called Camp Kitchen: A 5 Day Guide to Get Your Kids Cooking

The benefits for kids from cooking and meal prepping:

There are so many hidden life skills in learning to make a meal:

  1. Planning. What meal will you make?
  2. Decision making. Which ingredients to you need? Which order will you work in?
  3. List writing. With the use of computers and devices, this is a good one to get them some extra hand writing practice.
  4. Realization of costs. Yep, food does cost money. Probably better for them to get a grasp on this one now! I always have my kids compare costs at the grocery store, another helpful skill.
  5. Math. Think fractions from measuring cups, adding teaspoons to make a tablespoon, etc.
  6. Safety. So many safety lessons to be learned in the kitchen.
  7. Bring a task to completion. Another big one in my mind, and so great to give them the confidence to do this in the future.

Camp Kitchen: A 5 Day Guide to Get Your Kids Cooking

Camp Kitchen is a digital product that incudes five themed days, each with three recipes, along with tips, suggestions, and much more to give you the structure to get your kids in the kitchen. It’s a 44 page pdf that helps give kids the confidence to cook, and helps them find the love of doing it, too!

Camp Kitchen is the perfect structured activity that can be used on your schedule – no having to be somewhere at a specific time – and it’s super economical, too. Some easy ways to start out:

  • Have your kids cook one meal each week; they choose the meal.
  • Baking together is always well received by the kiddos, start there.
  • Get help from the littler ones to help familiarize them and prep them (pardon the pun) for future years of cooking.

If you are looking for an easy, FUN and structured activity for the kids for the summer and beyond, check out Camp Kitchen. There’s no better time than now to get your kids in the kitchen!

Kiran Dodeja Smith is a busy mom of 4 kids who prides herself on getting real food on the table everyday most days. She’s a Holistic Health Coach and provides 1:1 and group coaching to individuals, offers recipes and tips for making real food easy on her site,, and is the creator of Camp Kitchen.