Planning birthday parties for my adorable cherubs sends me into a slow, simmering, slightly panicky headspace that starts the weeks after the last party ends. It’s fun to be around.

The choices are a challenge — what will I do to top that? How will I think of something just as memorable? What hasn’t been done yet? It gets extra fun when the children themselves want input.

Does anyone really care? No one. But that’s our job as moms — to manage the stress and get the party started. But where?

I had to end the madness with a fresh list of cool places to work from:

Flying High

We all want to send those kiddos right to orbit at times, no? Now’s your chance. ifly in Concord can make it happen. They boast a stress-free event. I believe them.

Pony Party

Saddle up for the sweetest little pony party this side of 485. Perfect for birthdays in warmer months — head to Thunder Bay Riding Academy, in Waxhaw, where their indoor arena provides shade to boot.


Whose little prince or princess deserves to step into a fairytale? Tiaras and Tales puts on a magical experience for both boys and girls. Customizable options are great, the parties are hosted by magical fairies — they aim to make imaginations run wild.

Top Golf

Top Golf

Have a future Rory McIloy on your hands? Between swings, Top Golf spoils the young phenoms with waffle sticks, sugared bacon strips and donut holes they can inject with chocolate syrup. Forget the kids… my birthday is right around the corner.

Race Cars

All birthdays deserve a victory lap. Victory Karting is an absolute must for all speed demons who want the checkered flag. Where are the sponsors?


A Zamboni ride? That’s a wish come true for anybody over the age of 4, right? Watch a game and cheer on these cool dudes. Score!

Escape Room

Escape Kings hosts as many as 32 kids gaming themselves silly. 200 inch Birthday-normous TVs and Xboxs? Can you say Fortnite?


With a few locations around town, Flour Power, offers a baking party that rivals the challenges on Chopped Junior. Slightly less competitive. Heavy on the cuteness.


Sew much fun. Seriously. A Sew Fun! party gives mini-designers a chance to sew and create their very own purse or pillow. This could very well be their chance to make it onto Project Runway. Book it.


Photo: PrincessMe

Gather your young royals – PrincessMe brings the party to you in a glam party bus. Save me a spot with the littles – I need all the sparkle.


Kinetic Heights — where all the kids are hanging from the rafters and the parents are okay with it. It’s a beautiful thing and deserves the hype. Harness them in and sit back in your personal party room until cake time. Done.

Well, that was easy. Now, I’ll be over here fretting about next year…