Instead of preaching the trends each season, the style guru’s at Neiman Marcus now suggest we take a more personal approach. Decide on your style mood, and dress according to that. Your style mood can change daily / weekly / monthly or it can be your signature and stay essentially the same over time. Either way, it seems a more practical approach, right? You dress according to your style mood vs chasing the ever changing trends.

The current Style Moods which Neimans believes today’s women are looking for in fashion? We have 5 to consider:

Recently our Southpark NM hosted veteran buyer Lori Caplan. Lori, who has been a buyer with Neiman Marcus for 24 years, buys in Fine Apparel area from brands like Balmain, Libertine, Victoria Beckham, Rosetta Getty and more. Lori presented some of her strategy behind the items she buys and how she envisions the pieces being mixed (high/low) and worn in multiple ways. She styled everything from pajama pants for a night out with heels, sequins over casual outfits, casual sneakers with dressier outfits and showed us great style every which way.

NM Senior Buyer Lori Caplan (yes, check out what she is wearing!!)

Our takeaways from the 5 Style Mood Outfits in the NM runway show narrated by Lori:

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things.
  • Forget the labels, forget your size and fall in love with different pieces.
  • Mix and Match graphics and pair different fabric combinations.
  • Twist your thinking and get out of the box, and then round out how you put your style together.
  • Have fun putting different items together that you would never have thought of wearing together before.
  • Don’t wear the same thing the same way every time.
  • Color is all year long.
  • And if you don’t feel comfortable when you put something on in the morning, don’t walk out the door.  

In the looks below, keep your eye out for 1) Major Pattern Mixing 2) Layering Dresses over Dresses 3) Layering Dresses over Pants 4) Sequins & Lame for Day