2019 Interior Design Trends from Local Interior Designers

Design should always be about what speaks to the homeowner, what makes her happy, what gives her inspiration. Finding style, pieces and trends that tell your story is what design is all about. We have spoken to some of CLT’s hottest interior designers to help you interweave all the beauty of the 2019 interior design trends into your home’s story.

Combining Disciplines

Today I am really loving how all creative disciplines, whether it be fashion, interiors, or art, are collaborating together. While I feel each industry has influenced one another for some time, it is so inspiring to see leaders in these communities of fashion designers, interior designers, and artists coming together to create very interesting new collections. For example, we recently collaborated with SOCO Gallery and artist Anne Lemanski to translate the artist’s work into a collection of wallpaper, Queen’s Flight on Paper.  Working with Anne on this project and seeing how well her work translated into a wallpaper brought us all so much joy.- Barrie Benson

Timeless White

I’ll never tire of a timeless white kitchen. My husband and I built our home when the Tuscan brown trend was strong, meaning you saw dark wood cabinets and travertine backsplashes, yet in my own kitchen, I used painted white cabinetry and a backsplash of handmade Italian subway tile. Today, the trend is color, but I’m still doing white kitchens for clients who love that look as much as I do. Design with elements you love; that’s what is truly timeless. – Traci Zeller

Durability with Quartz

“Everyone is loving a quartz countertop! With white kitchens being so hot right now and marble being a huge player in that overall look, quartz is a fabulous substitute without killing the vibe. Everyone loves marble… how can you not? However, everyone does not love the maintenance of marble thus where quartz steps in. You get durability and looks all in one!”- Clark and Clark Interiors

Lovely Lucite

Lucite is beautiful clear material screams modern luxury and can be used in so many different ways that I am certain this growing trend will be here to stay for quite some time. From lamps to furniture legs, accessories and chandeliers lucite is a crisp addition to any design.- Lauren Nicole Designs

Killing Me Softly

I love using soft color palettes; they can be just as impactful as bolder ones. A certain tension or juxtaposition in the room is what adds interest, but there are lots of ways to do that besides color. I’m crazy for blush, lavender and pale blues, and you can absolutely use those colors in ways that aren’t overly sweet. (image in link; photography by Dustin Peck) – Traci Zeller

Papering the Walls

“Wallpaper has been making a steady comeback for a while now. I’m particularly fond of its ability to completely transform a space.  From subdued grasscloth to bold prints, wallpaper packs a punch and can be worked in easily to small spaces like powder baths and dining room.” – Cheryl Luckett

Outside, Inside Living

“We are loving the trend that is window walls! Having that full expansion of large windows really allows the space to elevate to another level naturally and in our opinion, nothing is better than natural light. We like to call that outside, inside living.” – Clark and Clark Interiors

Not White Cabinets

“Not White Cabinets- Yes this is a thing! I love a bold color cabinet in a laundry or powder room or even a kitchen island to break up the neutral tones in a space and add life and excitement. But I also love a soft, not white neutral color in a large space such as a kitchen or master bathroom. If you have neutral countertops a little warmth in the cabinets adds life to the space.”- Lauren Nicole Designs

Color Popping

“While it’s always been and will continue to be a staple in my design projects, I love that color is currently trending.  Gone are the days of all white everything.  They’ve been traded in for a full-range of hues across the spectrum. There is nothing like color to evoke a mood and add life and vibrancy to a space.” –Cheryl Luckett

Easy To Reach Shower Controls

“At Clark & Clark, we are all about function. You can have a fabulously designed room or space but if it isn’t functional then it is primarily just something beautiful to look at. When you add function into the mix, it not only is beautiful but you get to experience the space in such a different way. You know “that” room you can’t go in but just admire? That’s not us…. We always love for our clients to use and LIVE in every inch of their home. That’s what it’s there for! So when it comes to easy-reach shower controls this is often not thought of until after the fact. Who wants to get in the shower to turn it on and get blasted by cold water? No one! And the best- kept secret? Don’t put the shower drain in the center of the shower pan. Set it off center so you aren’t standing on the drain in the runoff water.”- Clark and Clark Interiors


Ashley W
Ashley is a freelance writer and mom extraordinaire.  She lives in the LKN area with her husband and two children.  \