Orangetheory Fitness in Charlotte recently added more trackable data to their workouts.  Orangetheory studios already offer visible heart rate training and a connected fitness program via a treadmill tablet that tracks your total distance, max miles per hour, average/max incline, total moving time, and pacing.


Now the Charlotte studios have added Body CompOsition Testing via an Inbody Machine that gives you instant feed back.  What does this mean?

  1. InBody is a form of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), which is used to measure body composition (fat and muscle mass).
  2. InBody sends several (safe) low-level electrical currents through your body. Based on the impedance measured during the test, lean and fat mass values can be determined.
  3. By removing shoes and socks and standing on the InBody unit, members can have their body composition tested in less than a minute!

Members will be able to see the improvement in their relative fat and muscle mass as they progress with their OTF training. You can set goals and measure your results, which is the hallmark of Orangetheory.


The best part?  If you are just getting started with Orangetheory, when you show up for your first free session at OTF Charlotte, you will receive a free body composition test when you sign up for a membership, in order to provide a good starting point.  Just another added value of becoming an Orangetheory member, where you’ll find one of Charlotte’s best science-backed, technology tracked workouts.

  • Rock Hill: (803) 667-3388
  • Ballantyne: (704) 412-4369
  • Quail Corners: (704) 247-6137
  • Arboretum: (704) 612-2102
  • South End: (704) 626-7322
  • Midtown: (704) 412-9612
  • University: (704) 705-2377​