The time is now.

If you are in a wedding this spring or summer, chances are you are doing everything possible to look gorgeous for the big day. Whether you are the bride, one of the bridesmaids, the Mother of the Bride or Groom, looking your best as part of the Wedding Party is always a goal.

The Center For Women’s Aesthetics on Morehead has put together service & treatment recommendations that, when timed appropriately, will make you your most beautiful self for the big day (and beyond). While they do recommend you start several months in advance, the CFWA can also help you with a few last minute solutions and can provide a customized treatment plan specific to your needs and timeline for your wedding

Treatments are designed to not only make your face glow, but to address pigmentation on the back, chest and shoulders. Spring and summer weddings bring strapless, sleeveless and barer styles, so planning ahead to have your skin in tip top shape is key.

Last minute treatments such as botox to smooth and lift, or maybe some lip fillers to enhance your smile, can be done 1-2 weeks before the photos. Don’t forget, you can even have your hands treated with IPL to even skin tone and fillers to plump and smooth if needed.

You will want to make an appointment and speak to an esthetician about what you can do between now and the wedding for maximum impact with optimal recovery time. You might be surprised at how quickly treatments and results can be achieved!

6 Months Prior To Wedding for Brides & Maids

3 Skin Pen treatments every 4 weeks for months 1-3.
hydrating facials every 4 weeks for months 3-6. 
Dermaplane one week prior to wedding day.

4-6 Months Prior To Wedding for MOBs & MOGs

Venus Versa Tribella every 4 weeks for months 1-3.
Treatment includes a trio of photo-rejuvenation, skin tightening
and fractional resurfacing for complete skin renewal.
Dermaplane with hydrating facial month 4, 1-2 weeks prior to wedding. 

Last Minute Ladies One & All

Dermaplane and a hydrating facial the week of the wedding
will give you a quick glow and
soft canvas for make up applications the day of.

Ask about any of these current specials to add to your Wedding Day Beauty Plan:

NOTE: The Center For Women’s Aesthetics offers 0% financing on most procedures.