Fitness goals come in all shapes and sizes, just like our bods.

Flywheel CLT is rolling out a prescriptive type fitness program called FlyRX, a new personalized program for SuperFLY members, to help reach their fitness goals—without guesswork, without overtraining, and with all the coaching they need.

FlyRx, is an instructor-curated fitness ‘prescription’ that runs from April 22-June 2, 2019.


  • Complimentary on demand classes (with a membership)
  • A dream team of personal coaches + weekly support emails
  • Progress tracking
  • Optional in-studio measurementsLocal workshops + community events
  • Special FlyRx classes

To participate in-studio, you’ll need a SuperFly Membership, which gives you complimentary access to Fly On Demand off-bike workouts (FlyBarre, FlyFIT, and FlyRecover), wherever you are.

Please join as a SuperFLY, upgrade your membership or log in to sign up.

SuperFLY members pick one of the 4 fitness protocols that best suits their goals this spring.

  • GET LEAN The workouts: Flywheel / FlyFIT Featuring our two HIIT-based workouts and heavier weights, this cardio-focused FlyRx was designed for those who want to maximize calorie burn.
  • GET SLEEK AND STRONG The workouts: FlyFIT / FlyBarre Incorporating all off-bike workouts, this FlyRx will help you improve muscle definition and strength, increase your cardiovascular performance, boost confidence, and feel empowered.*Get Sleek and Strong available exclusively for studio participants.
  • BURN AND TONE The workouts: Flywheel / FlyBarre Combining two Fly classics, this FlyRx is best for those who want to sweat it out, tighten up with light weights, and feel amazing.
  • RIDE AND RESTORE The workouts: Flywheel / FlyRecover This FlyRx is a low-impact cardio-based plan designed to boost endurance and enhance results through supportive recovery sessions.

April 18 is the last day to sign up.

Do that, and you’re on your way.