What happens when someone decides to round up 100 influential local women and create a networking & support community with them? We asked KNOW TRIBE ambassador Arden McLaughlin to give us the scoop on the latest, coolest women’s networking group popping up around the country and most recently in the QC.


The KNOW Book + Tribe was born out of a need for more; more community, more collaboration, and more like-mindedness. The KNOW Book + Tribe originated in Phoenix in late 2018 and was created by Sarah Benken. Upon moving to Phoenix, Benken wanted to build a new community of women after being a lifelong North Carolina resident. 

Once she started meeting these women she realized she would love to show them off in a really cool and creative way. She wanted a book. A book that featured women in a highly polished, sharply dynamic fashion while also allowing them to all stay true to who they were. The KNOW Book was born.

But, Benken wanted more than just a book, and she found the women she knew wanted more too. They wanted a tribe who would support them in business and in life so she put the best of both worlds into her new project. The KNOW Book + Tribe tribe became a Phoenix phenomenon.    

Sarah Benken, Founder of the KNOW TRIBE


I joined the KNOW Book + Tribe as an Ambassador in June 2018. I’m a publicist and run my own business, Definita: Publicity & Marketing. I’ve always had a passion for helping people tell their story better and more effectively. I saw the value in bringing this story to Charlotte.

I jumped in with both feet and joined my co-ambassador for a season of meeting some of the best women our city has to offer. What has driven me so passionately with KNOW is the caliber of women who reside in our community.

Charlotte, we are lucky! We have people creating and leading businesses and organizations that drive change and create a sustainable economy for all of us. We have community leaders who care about the other person more than the status quo. And we have rising stars who are sure to continue the upward trajectory of our city. 

Arden McLaughlin, Charlotte KNOW TRIBE Ambassador


CLT Salon Owners to Human Resources Managers, CPAs to Attorneys, Publicists to Marketers, Authors to Wealth Managers, our eclectic group of women are dedicated to the mantra of Lift and Rise. Many are currently collaborating for business.

Are you ready to be part of the KNOW Tribe? We’re hosting our first public Tribe event April 30, 2019 at WeWork’s newest Charlotte location, 128 South Tryon Street. Tickets are available for purchase by visiting HERE

We’re excited to host you at WeWork, our 2019 Tribe Event sponsor. You’ll get to meet the creator of KNOW Book + Tribe, Sarah Benken, meet the current Book + Tribe women, and learn more about how you can get involved. 

Until then, email [email protected] for more information. 

Find the Know Tribe on Instagram | Facebook |Online 

And find the Charlotte KNOW book at Chop & Chisel in Camp North End and Lake Norman, Kenna Kunijo, and T. Reid Salon and Spa.

All photos by Dani Nicole Photography