This article was contributed by OrthoCarolina and Physician Assistant Matthew Dobler, PA-C, ATC

At scoop, we’ve heard that you should hold a stretch for at least 30 seconds and up to a minute ~ and up to two minutes post workout. Static stretching, or stretching muscles while the body is at rest, elongates muscles and helps runners improve performance, reduce injuries and recover faster. But how long should you hold a stretch?

Matt Dobler, PA and Athletic Trainer at the OrthoCarolina Sports Medicine Center and former competitive cross country runner, says that research has shown 30 seconds to be the optimal time to hold a static stretch.  This amount of time allows the muscles to relax and be prepped to work.

Dobler says that although it can seem time consuming to stretch properly, it’s important, especially if you’ve suffered from injuries. Taking the time to stretch properly can lead to faster injury recovery.

Here are three more facts about why you should be following the 30-second rule. 

Increased Time, Decreased Performance

Holding a static stretch longer than 30 seconds BEFORE your run can actually decrease your running speed and overall performance. Dynamic stretching may be a more effective warm-up stretching routine.

Keep It Up After Your Run 

The research is less clear on how long to hold a stretch post run. However, Dobler recommends holding each stretch at least 30 seconds after running.

60-Second Rule Applies If You’re Over 65

Research has shown that holding a stretch for a bit longer – 60 seconds as opposed to 30 – is important if you are over 65 years old.

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