Strong Vibe5 cross-training class

As Fred Devito with Core Exhale Fusion says, ‘If you want to see changes in your body you must CHALLENGE yourself’. If you constantly do the same routine day after day you won’t see changes in your body or in your life! –Strong VIBE5 and yoga instructor Beth Campbell

Variety is the spice of life and variety in your workouts can spice up your body and your mind. We all love to get in the groove of a workout that becomes familiar, but to experience changes in your strength and stamina you need to mix it up. Are you paying for yoga, bootcamp and strength training in three different studios? VIBE5 YOGA AND FITNESS has it all under one roof and with a competitive rate of unlimited classes for $155 per month, you can cross-train all week long.

Your 1st class is free or give a few classes a try with the new client special – one month unlimited classes for only $35!

Stretch your fitness goals by mixing up your classes

If you are working to create a stronger yoga practice, attending strong and bootcamp vibes will create muscle, stamina and build joint stability. The STRONG VIBE5 cross-training class incorporates a brief power yoga warmup, weights, bands, gliders and short burst of cardio to completely reshape your body. Every session is designed to give you a rigorous high intensity interval training experience designed to strengthen and tone your muscles.

Get your cardio in with Bootcamp VIBE5

VIBE5 signature boot camp class, BOOTCAMP VIBE5 is a mentally and physically challenging workout combining cardio and TRX strength training to make your heart pound, body sweat and energize you to the core.

“Don’t JUST lift weights and don’t JUST do yoga. Make movement a ritual, and mix up your modality. Do some body weight work, get your heart rate up, make sure your joints stay mobile, your muscles stay pliable, AND your mind stays active. Challenge yourself to try new things and break your movement patterns from time to time. When we continue with the same exercises for too long the body becomes so efficient at performing them that the benefit is lost and we find ourselves in mental, physical and emotional plateaus. Even weight loss can come to a halt when the body gets bored!”
Bootcamp, Strong VIBE5 and yoga instructor, Sarah Pay

Heated deep stretch yoga can relieve tension and muscle tightness

As our warmer weather approaches and you are excited to get back to running, playing tennis or hitting the golf course; yoga needs to be a part of your routine to keep connective tissue, ligaments and tendons healthy supple.

The importance of keeping muscles, joints, and ligaments moving in all directions is paramount if you are a golfer, tennis player, runner…really any type of athlete. Strengthening and opening your shoulders, lumbar spine for rotational movements, and a strong overall back body will keep you moving well and safely in your body for longer. –
Strong VIBE5 and yoga instructor Edith McDonnell

For those new to the mat or if you want to get back to your foundation, try the NEW VIBE5 full body flow is where you will explore the fundamentals of yoga poses and vinyasa flow. Need to release tightness and tension? (Who doesn’t!?) Check out the heated deep stretch postures of the DEEP VIBE5 yoga class.

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