If You’ve Been Wondering About Doing the HCG Diet, Now’s Your Time.

Evolve Medical Associates is offering scoop followers a great deal on what is surely one of the most effective weight loss options I’ve ever written about.

You can read all about the HCG Diet here in our article from 2016.

Let’s say you’ve been trying your #dryjanuary and #whole30 and you’re much healthier (kudos! so worth it) but you’re still not at your weight loss goal. Sometimes you need to take a more aggressive approach.

It’s common for Evolve’s clients on the HCG Diet to lose between eight and 10 percent of their body fat in 26 days. How much depends on how much of a specific fat you have stored, and how well you keep to the regimen.

I did this diet with Evolve last year. It works like gangbusters. I lost fully 10% of my bodyweight in 43 days and never felt hungry a single day. It sounds like an infomercial, I know. But that’s it. I lost more weight on this diet than on any effort of the last 25+ years. Post menopausal weight. Weight that I thought would never budge.

In a nutshell, you will be taking HCG, which tells your brain to release your stubborn stored body fat, and that release is triggered by a very low-calorie diet. You can only eat 500 calories a day while you’re on the HCG diet plan, but since the HCG hormone will have your body releasing between 1,500 and 4,000 calories of stored fat as energy, you won’t be excessively hungry, tired or irritable. Your body also won’t be starving itself like with other very low calorie diets because it’s fed in part by those stored calories.

Ready to get started? The 26-day program costs $599, or $699 for the 43 day version, which trust me, you’ll end up doing cause you’ll be like, dang I want to lose even more!

Snce you’re reading this on Scoop, if you sign up for the HCG Diet with Evolve, you will give you the following great discounts:

With the 26-day program purchase, you’ll get 4 free B12 shots (a $100 value). They’re packed with energy-promoting B-12, metabolism boosters and enzymes to help detoxify your liver. PLUS 15% off each Coolsculpting cycle you purchase with Evolve ~ popular with the HCG Diet of course!

With the 43-day program purchase, you’ll get 6 free B12 shots (a $150 value) PLUS 20% off each Coolsculpting cycle.

Interested? Email today or call 704-702-0138 and schedule your consultation appointment. There are several steps to evaluate and prep for the HCG diet, so plan on that when thinking about the timing.

You’ll have questions, we know. They’ll have answers. And don’t forget to tell them scoop sent you! (they love us).


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