Time for some #pottytalk. Recently had a rude awakening when I learned that those handy flushable wipes are actually not all that flushable. At least not here in Charlotte.

This goes for all wipes, even the ones that say FLUSHABLE. BIODEGRADABLE. ORGANIC. etc. etc.

“Flushable” products like wipes do not readily break down upon flushing like toilet paper does. They actually remain in a solid state while traveling through the sewer system.  This is a particular problem when the waste treatment plants are not super distant from the city. There is even less chance the wipes will degrade, and they cause blockages and sanitary overflows on streets, and in neighborhoods, creeks, and streams.

There were 164 sanitary sewer overflows in Charlotte last year.  40% of these overflows were caused by debris which includes wipes.


Charlotte Water recently launched a fun & funny campaign on social media featuring Pipes battling it out with Wipes. Hastagged #PipesHateWipes, the city hopes to explain the problems being caused by more and more people in Charlotte using and flushing wipes.

We love that the guy is the wipe, right?

Side Note: This whole wipes thing is really an amazing marketing coup by the packaged goods biz. I mean, I get why we bought them for diaper changing, but seriously, now they’ve convinced us to invest our hard earned latte money on a tp replacement. #evilgenius

Charlotte Water suggests you only flush toilet paper plus the obvious down the toilet. Everything else should go in the trash, or the DiaperGenie for those changes, ’cause you and I both know you’re not giving up your diaper wipes.

Not that you were thinking about this today, but now you should. #PipesHateWipes. Save those extra $$ for a 2 pump skinny vanilla instead.

Read more & check out the fun videos on the Charlotte Water website here.