Registration Now Open for “Rise: Social Confidence for The New Generation” Classes

Does your child or teen “forget” to look people in the eyes and smile when talking to them in person? Does he/she have a hard time making conversation or even making friends? What about their table manners? Do you feel confident that they aren’t embarrassing themselves, and you, when dining with grandparents or friends?

According to the American Journal of Public Health, “children who have confident social skills and polite manners will get ahead of those who don’t and are less likely to have problems later in life.”

If you want to help your children feel confident and comfortable in all social and dining situations, help them to more easily make friends, and do better socially in school, there are four new classes coming to the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas beginning in March.

Rise: Social Confidence for The New Generation classes are modern and fun and offered to children in K – 12th grades to teach them essential social skills and manners such as:

  1. Confident and polite greetings with peers and adults
  2. Conversation and relationship-building skills
  3. Table manners
  4. Electronic safety and etiquette
  5. Interview and presentation skills (9th-12th)

For more information about these classes and to register click HERE.

Rise: Social Confidence for The New Generation Classes in South Charlotte and Mooresville.

Class sizes are limited and registration just opened. Give your children the opportunity to improve their manners and social skills so that they:

  • Feel more comfortable meeting and talking to peers and adults.
  • Make a good first and lasting impression on others.
  • Feel confident in new social situations.
  • Have nice table manners.
  • Use good judgment and etiquette when using social media.
  • Do things that show kindness and respect.
  • Understand what they need to do when interviewing for a job or college.
  • All of the Rise classes are engaging and children learn a great deal with learning with peers in a fun way.

Aimee Symington, etiquette expert with 20 year’s experience teaching children manners and social skills. For more information go to