When considering a cosmetic procedure such as breast augmentation, you may want to know the latest and greatest techniques and advancements before you even schedule a consultation. We turned to double-board certified in surgery and plastic surgery breast augmentation expert, Dr. Peter Capizzi of CAPIZZI M.D. – COSMETIC SURGERY & SKINCARE  for an update on breast procedures. 

With almost 20 years of experience, Dr. Capizzi has placed over 7,000 implants and was chosen as an FDA co-investigator for the latest breakthrough in breast augmentation innovation, the “Gummy Bear”. 

“The Gummy Bear Implant” is the affectionate nickname given to the newest type of silicone breast implant on the market, one that has quickly become the gold standard for surgeons and patients alike.

Gummy Bear Implants

The Gummy Bear implant is a 5th generation gel implant with a highly cohesive silicone, approved by the FDA, they are the safest and best available coming with a lifetime warranty too. When compared to other silicone and saline implants, the Gummy Bear maintains its shape more faithfully over time, resisting gravity, aging and anatomical flaws.

With over 100 shapes and sizes to choose from, the Gummy Bear implant offers women a more natural-looking outcome, they are also safer, as the implant is far less likely to rupture. Folds, ripples and creases are rare within the Gummy Bear, making tears and leakage extremely unlikely.

Hybrid Breast Augmentation

This latest procedure for breast enhancement at Capizzi, M.D. is the hybrid breast augmentation. This technique uses a smaller implant and then uses fat that has been grafted from the patient to top off the implant resulting in a more natural look. The advantage, other than the bonus of fat reduction, is that by using a smaller implant there is less surgery and less stretch and pull on the implant which help to keep it in place.

The hybrid breast augmentation is gaining in popularity as it is a one time surgery lasting approximately 90 minutes. Patients can expect to be back to work within 48 hours.

Schedule a consultation and see what your results will look like with
Crisalix technology, a virtual reality 4D & 3D imaging process.

Schedule a Breast Consultation

The complimentary consultation is confidential and discreet with partners, spouses, relatives and good friends welcome to be present. Reviewing photographs together allows both you and the doctor to arrive on the same page, establishing clear visual guidelines for your procedure that you both can agree upon. Dr. Capizzi will take your measurements so that together you can explore the pros and cons of all the options available. The consultation fee will be completely deducted from your surgery if you proceed.

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