by Jen Dufresne

The New Year is a perfect time to “refresh” or start a varied exercise routine. While cardio exercise has the reputation of being the quickest way to drop weight and stay healthy, a combination of strength and cardio training is actually the most effective way to see long term results in functionality and overall fitness. As both a Flywheel and FlyFIT instructor, I have seen significant growth in people who are willing to put in the time to do both.

Flywheel is a low impact cardio option that uses intervals to drive the heart rate to anaerobic levels with an active aerobic recovery over 45-60 minutes.

FlyFIT will also drive the heart rate to higher zones; however, it is done through specific sequencing of weights and cardio strength training exercises. While there is more impact in FlyFIT, the 45 minute  Upper Body class is designed to specifically target chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and core. Total body classes will also hit legs through every day movements such as deadlifts, squats and lunges.

A combination of the two workouts, cardio and strength training, along with a given rest day, is the perfect way to ensure that you are getting needed recovery while also building muscles that will make working out more efficient and bullet proof your body in the every day life. As a mom to three girls, I can can attest that moving around without pain and without getting out of breath is one of the main reasons I work out (to keep up with them!).


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