Each season provides the opportunity to think about your skin (and body) treatments. We all tend to deal with dry skin in the cooler weather and often overlook how favorable this time of year is to really go after a new and refreshed version of ourselves. This is actually the perfect season to reverse sun damage, get more aggressive with anti-aging services and products, get rid of unwanted hair and more. Late fall and winter are particularly good times to work on areas covered by clothing, and the holidays are (of course) the best time to get that extra glow going on your face.

The experts at The Center for Women’s Aesthetics tell us that now is the time for Laser Treatments, Peels and IPL. It’s important to be tan free and sun free for these treatments, and they produce dramatic results. They can require a few days downtime, so check in with the staff  at the CFWA when inquiring and scheduling. These treatments are among the CFWA’s most recommended for this time of year.

Sculpsure is another treatment to start now. This service allows you to see best results in about 3 months, so get started this month in order to see your better body by spring.

Laser Hair Removal is also popular this time of year. Innovative treatments will eliminate unwanted hair so you can say goodbye to razors and painful waxing, and again, be ready to go by spring break 2019.

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Since it’s The Holiday’s – It’s the Perfect Time to Get a “Quick Glow” Treatment

HydraFacial MD is an extremely effective way to combat the dry skin you will most likely experience during the cold weather. This “super” facial is incredibly hydrating and sets up the skin to optimize results from your at home regimen. Monthly HydraFacials are the norm, but the CFWA tells us that many of their members come in on a bi-monthly basis this time of year to enjoy amazing results.

Look your best for upcoming parties with HydraFacial MD or one these other popular services that show immediate results and have virtually no downtime:

  • Derma planing
  • Venus Viva
  • Filler/Botox & Dysport

At The Center For Women’s Aesthetics, an expert team will customize treatments to help you look your best today and months for now. They have a marvelous membership program which has 4 tiers for treatments, starting at only $49 per month. The savings are legit, and your membership ensures that you keep up with your skincare just like you do your workouts.

Best of all, right now you can mention Scoop Charlotte and receive 20% off your first of these treatments mentioned as well as 15% off medical grade skin care products.

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