Local Ghosts. Here are 7 Charlotte Hauntings to Think About.

As Halloween approaches you won’t have to go very far if you’re looking for a chilling tale or two. The city of Charlotte and its surrounding areas are full of haunted history. We’ve put together a list of seven nearby places that are rumored to have a few ghosts lurking around.

Cajun Queen

While Cajun Queen may serve up some of the best gumbo in town, it’s said to be frequented by more than just restaurant patrons. For years both employees and diners have claimed to have had strange encounters with what has been described as the spirit of a woman. Most believe the elusive spirit is that of a previous owner from the days when the house was a private residence, but no one can seem to agree on why she’s actually still there. One theory is that she’s upset that her home was turned into a business and her former room was turned into a bar, while others think she just wants to be part of the party. And who wouldn’t want to enjoy a cocktail while shimmying to the beat of a live jazz band — even if you’re a ghost?

Reed Gold Mine

There are a number of spooky stories that surround historic Reed Gold Mine — the first documented site where gold was discovered during the state’s frantic gold rush. One tale alleges that in the early 1800s a neighbor of the Reed family threw his wife’s body into one of the mine shafts after she broke her neck and died from a fall down the stairs. Past visitors who have claimed to hear screams coming from inside the shaft swear that it’s the lonely spirit of the deceased woman screaming for help.  Another piece of local lore speculates that there’s the ghost of a gold miner haunting the mine and wandering through the tunnels. One woman even went as far to say she captured a ghost on video at Reed Gold Mine. Here’s the story WBTV ran about it — including pictures from the video.

Rosedale Plantation

Originally built in 1815, Historic Rosedale Plantation, sits only a few miles from the skyscrapers of Uptown on North Tryon, and is home to some of the city’s most interesting hauntings. Paranormal experiences that have been reported by both visitors and staff members range from people hearing disembodied voices and laughter to people being touched and electronics failing on the property for no apparent reason. Several people who have visited Rosedale claim to have seen full-bodied apparitions appear inside the house as well as on the front porch. One theory is that the apparition is a previous caretaker who looked after Rosedale in the early 1900s and was rumored to have been a witch doctor. Don’t believe there’s anything lurking around the 200 year-old plantation? Check it out for yourself. Every year during the month of October the plantation hosts paranormal investigations of the grounds with the Charlotte Area Paranormal Society, as well as The Spirits of Rosedale Tour. Both are open to the public. Click here for more information.

Stonewall Jackson Training Center

Possibly the most frightening of them all, the Stonewall Jackson Training Center was originally built in the early 1900s to house juvenile males who were believed to be troubled. The school was supposed to help discipline the young men, but instead it has been said that behind closed doors the students were overworked, repeatedly mistreated, and subject to inhumane experiments. A few of the young men were even said to have died from the harsh treatment. Today, a number of the training center’s original buildings still stand, but are gradually deteriorating piece by piece behind a razor wire fence. Locals often comment on the eerie feelings they get just driving by the property, while others report seeing unexplainable apparitions that are often assumed to be the spirits of the tortured boys who lost their lives there. Growling sounds are also said to be heard inside the buildings. Are there spirits still lingering inside the buildings or does the unsettling look of the abandoned property just creep people out? We may never know.

Dunhill Hotel

There are several spooky stories connected to the city’s historic Dunhill hotel that range from guests having strange feelings and hearing unusual noises to sudden temperature changes and paranormal encounters. Though there have been plenty of mysterious occurrences reported throughout the years, no one seems to know who or what is to blame for the peculiar incidents. Some believe that it could be the spirits of people who committed suicide by jumping off the hotel’s roof during the Great Depression, or possibly the person whose bones were discovered during renovations in the ’80s.

Queen’s University

There are supposedly several hauntings that take place on the campus of Queen’s University, but one of the most popular tales that makes the rounds is about a young girl who committed suicide in the Albright Residence Hall. Students who have lived in the dorm say they’d hear random knocking on the walls of her former room and that the door would randomly fly open or slam shut with no one in sight.


Carolina Theater

Built in 1927, Charlotte’s Carolina Theater has was once a hub for entertainment in the city. During its prime the theater hosted vaudeville shows as well as some of the country’s biggest celebrities, including Elvis Presley and Bob Hope, but through the years as the building has been used less and less stories have come to light about strange happenings taking place inside. Previous stage managers report lights flickering on and off for no reason and props being moved when no one else was around. Some even report seeing unexplainable apparitions standing on stage and on the balcony level.


Know of any local hauntings that we missed? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


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