During this Back To School season, are you considering future high school options for your new-born I mean kindergarten middle school child? If so, boarding school may have crossed your mind or come up in conversation, and you probably have a lot of questions. Even though there are about 180 boarding schools around the country, many parents only know a few people who attended one. You may be wondering:

  • Who goes to boarding school? Why do they choose to “go away”?
  • Is it just for people raised in the Northeast? On an Ivy League track?
  • Aren’t they very exclusive and expensive? 
  • Won’t my child be so far away if they go to boarding school?
  • When should we start looking and evaluating? Is it the same timing as high school applications?
  • Are they all single sex or are there co-ed boarding schools?
  • Does it start in 9th grade?
  • Is there financial aid if we decide it is a great option for our child?
  • What are the upsides vs a local school?
  • Do they all look like Hogwarts?

If you’ve been wondering if the boarding school experience would be good for, or appeal to, your child, the September 11 Boarding School 101 Info Fair is a great option for you and your family to learn more.

Hosted by scoopcharlotte, Charlotte Preparatory School and Garrett Educational Consulting, Boarding School 101 offers the opportunity for you to attend at no charge a panel discussion and meet & greet with over 20 of the best boarding schools in the Eastern US.

Boarding School

WHAT: Charlotte 2018 Boarding School 101 Panel Discussion and Info Fair

WHERE: Charlotte Preparatory School 212 Boyce Road, 28211

WHEN:  Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 5 to 8 pm. Come for part or all. Light refreshments provided.

5-6pm – School Fair Open
6-7pm – Panel Discussion
7-8pm – School Fair Open

WHO: Open to the public, parents and middle school aged children welcome.

RSVP REQUIRED. PLEASE REGISTER HERE. No charge but attendance will be limited to ensure a good experience for all.

PRESENTED BY: Garrett Educational Consulting, Charlotte Preparatory School and scoopcharlotte.com


Read More About Each School in our Update Here.

You can never start to early to gather intel on this important decision for your family, and you can’t really do too much homework on the topic of your child’s education. This Info Fair offers you a low-pressure way to research some of the best options available, and to start a conversation on the topic with your child and several schools. 

Maybe boarding school will be right for your child, and maybe not. This Info Fair is a great way to start to find out.