Ever wonder more about those Charlotte foodies you follow on Instagram? Staring at juicy burgers and perfect pizzas all day is fun, but there’s way more to the person who took the shot.

In our new Behind the Lens series, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite food bloggers and help you get to know them just a little better.

First up is Jessica of The Sweet Seoul. You probably already follow her for her drool-worthy food photos and fabulous fashion advice. But if you aren’t, be sure to on Instagram and on her blog.


Photo via @thesweetseoul

What inspired you to start The Sweet Seoul? When did you start?

Moving from NYC and coming from the fashion industry, I didn’t have a job when we moved here. So I took some time off to get acclimated with the city and to keep my creative juices flowing, I started a blog and a food and fashion Instagram page. [Food and fashion are] two of my passions ever since I was a little kid. I started this journey in the summer of 2016 and never looked back!

What is your favorite part of food blogging?

My favorite part of food blogging is to highlight my real experiences and my own opinions on local restaurants I have had the pleasure of trying. I love sharing it with my audience so they can have some insight of where I love to eat around the Queen City!


Photo via @thesweetseoul

How do you balance your fashion posts vs. food posts?

This can be really tough sometimes because I have a lot of events I attend, especially restaurant media events. So finding the time to shoot fashion pictures and plan out posts is very challenging at times. This is why I plan out my posts a week in advance – to ensure I have a good balance of the two.

What are your thoughts on Charlotte’s culinary scene?

Wow…. just wow! I’m beyond excited to see the culinary scene thriving in Charlotte! As much as I love supporting local businesses and seeing so many diverse options we are getting, I’m like a little kid in a candy store! Cannot wait for more restaurants to open!

mac and cheese

Photo via @thesweetseoul

What is your day job?

I work from home and I run two businesses, my Sweet Seoul brand as a blogger/influencer and my media company, Sweet Seoul Media. I work with my clients on marketing campaigns, planning events, managing social media accounts, and consulting.

Favorite spot for date night dinner?

Hmmm… that’s tough because there are so many gorgeous date night spots! I love The Asbury, Kindred, and Burton’s Grill and Bar. Consistently amazing food, great atmosphere, and great service.


Photo via @thesweetseoul

What restaurant are you most excited about in 2018?

Well not being bias, but Yume! They relocated from Matthews, Indian Trail area to the Gold District. I have never anticipated a restaurant to open fast enough. I’m literally counting down the days! Authentic Japanese ramen and sushi.

What is one thing about you that your followers don’t know or wouldn’t guess?

I love playing Pokémon Go! I never watched or knew about it growing up, but when the game came out, I started to play and became obsessed! The Pokémon are adorable and it’s so fun because my fiancée’s family plays and even my little cousin back home in Alabama plays too. #GottaCatchThemAll

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

A cricket lollipop! There used to be this candy store in Birmingham, Alabama where I grew up, and they had cricket lollipops and chocolate covered crickets. Super weird, super crunchy….. never again!

chocolate cake

Photo via @thesweetseoul

Allie Papajohn
Allie Papajohn is the creator and face-behind-the-food on EatDrinkCLT’s Instagram and blog. She is constantly thinking about her next delicious meal and enjoys spreading the word about Charlotte’s culinary scene.