Does anyone besides me say every July that “hey, next year I really want to try to go to the Tour de France”? Yet here we are, again, not at Noirmoutier-en-l’├Äle and it’s just days from the start on Saturday, July 7. #sigh.

It’s also just days from the start of FLYWHEEL’s annual competition, the Tour de Fly, a 3-week competition from July 7th to July 29th modeled after the Tour de France but without the terrifying wrecks.  FLY athletes from the CLT studio register to compete for the highest cumulative power score in the nation, competing to win the biggest prizes in Flywheel history, including your own FLY Anywhere home bike. Take as many classes as you can from 7/7 – 7/29, because the competition is based on total cumulative Power Score, so the more classes you take, the better your chances to win. 

Prize info here.

Sign ups just started and run through the duration of the contest. Any Flywheel or Flybarre athlete can compete ~ you simply sign up using credits or your existing membership.

To sign up for the program, visit and select “sign up” to take the Tour de Fly.

Throughout Tour de Fly, Flywheel Charlotte will offer exclusive classes to simulate the terrain throughout the 2018 Tour de France.  for extra fun, although any class your take during the contest counts toward your total power number. 

tour de france 2018


First timers can still use the code FLY-CHARLOTTE and pop into a class at no charge.