The last day of school is quickly approaching ~ for which we all rejoice until about, maybe, mid-July. This year’s almost cooked though, and it’s always nice to thank your children(s) teachers for their hard work over the last nine months. Cash is ALWAYS appropriate and appreciated but some folks just like to give something more personal.  Maybe a little of both! From candles and jewelry to body products and tech, we’ve rounded up gifts under $25, $50 and under, and over $50 for every type of teacher. 

Teacher Gifts Under $25 

KK Bloom – Calm Bath Salts – Herbivore – $18 BUY HERE

Copper Penny – Ashley Brooke, Like a Boss mug $18
Ashley Brooke, Mrs. Fancy Pants mug $18
Ashley Brooke, Travel Mug $22
Ashley Brooke, Hello Sunshine! $19

Monkee’s Wine Glasses $15
Cocktail Napkins $8

Monkee’s – Wine Away $6
Tan Towels $3.50

Teacher Gifts $50 and Under 

Hearts & Crosses $31-$42

Charlotte’s Inc. Nest Candles & Soap/Lotion Set $40-$48

Charlotte’s Inc. Lollia Body Butter $34

Charlotte’s Inc. Hearts & Crosses $31-$42

KK Bloom – Metallic Black Drop Bottle – Drop Bottle – $45 BUY HERE

KK Bloom – Super Chill Watermelon Cooler Bag – – $32 BUY HERE

Neiman Marcus – Whirly Twirly Pool Float $45

The Pink Hanger – CLT hat- $38

Copper Penny – Tassel Earrings $50

The Pink Hanger – Voluspa Rose Petal Ice Cream Candle – $39

Neiman Marcus – Swell Destination Aspen Water Bottle $35

Neiman Marcus Cooks $45

Lipp Boutique Cabana Slides in Rose Gold and Black Leather $36

Lipp Boutique – Top Left- Baltic Amber 3 Wick Candle $24
Bottom Left- Panjore Lychee Embossed Glass Candle $34
Top Right- Yuzu Rose Stonecrop Boxed Candle $35
Bottom Right- Santiago Huckleberry Large Glass Jar $36

Monkee’s – S’Well Bottles $35
S’Well 10oz Tumbler $25
S’Well 18oz Tumbler $40

Charlotte’s Inc. Nest Candles & Soap/Lotion Set $40-$48

Neiman Marcus – Zoopar mini speaker $35

Teacher Gifts Over $50 

Storey Home – Melissa Payne Baker Hand-painted Trays

Storey Home – Nest candles in all sizes

Lipp Boutique Top Left- Vivienne Sunglasses $58
Bottom Left- Electric Dreams Sunglasses $50
Top Right- Odin Sunglasses $52
Bottom Right- Somerset Sunglasses $58

Lipp Boutique Gauzy tye due scarf $125

Monkee’s Earrings $68

Monkee’s Cuff Bracelets $40
Small Everybody’s Favorite $60

Monkee’s – Twine & Twig Trio Stack Bracelets $55

Charlotte’s Inc. Stationary (Pricing is Custom)

Charlotte’s Inc. Pietri Hibiscus Vases $64

Neiman Marcus – Luxe Domino Set with Racks $180

Storey Home- Pom Pom Earrings

Storey Home – Nest Soap and Lotion Sets

Neiman Marcus – Nest Bamboo Candle $65

The Pink Hanger – Johnny Fly Co Sunglasses- $120

The Pink Hanger – GiGi New York All in One Clutch- $125

Copper Penny – Spring, Calf hair cuff in pink $85
Chan Luu, Pendant $320
Spring, Calf hair cuff in blue $85

Copper Penny – Les Georgettes, Small cuff $62 with insert-able leather $17
Les Georgettes, Medium cuff $80 with insert-able leather $19
Les Georgettes, Large cuff $96 with insert-able leather $23
Copper Penny, large earrings $32
Copper Penny, small sparkly earrings $62

KK Bloom – Signature Large Tumbler Candle – Kendra Scott – $65 BUY HERE Signature Small Votive Candle – Kendra Scott – $25 BUY HERE

KK Bloom – All Around Giant Towel in Color Wheel – – $68 BUY HERE