If you’re like me, you watch your diet (or at least talk about it alot) and exercise regularly (most of the time), take a few supplements like calcium and Vitamin E, get your annual check ups, teeth cleanings & mammograms, and do what you know to keep yourself healthy. #beautyfromtheinsideout and all.

However, while for all practical appearances I am in a solid state for my age, I do have underlying issues that are causing sleep disruption, weight gain, exercise plateau-ing and more. Plus several things I need to keep an eye on and work to improve for my optimal health. #whatliesbeneath

H/K/B Wellness & Age Management, under the leadership of Dr. Sarah Edwards, recently introduced a program to help cultivate a lifestyle of health and vitality as you age. Make no mistake, it is way more challenging for we women as we age to manage weight, hormonal balance, cholesterol & blood sugar levels, metabolism, fitness level, etc. This is not all in your head; it WAS easier in your 20s and 30s.

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Employing a combination of custom exercise programs, dietary modifications, hormone and sleep optimization, health supplements, and stress management, Dr. Edwards and her staff at HKB Wellness & Age Management can help you work towards your optimal health. They see patients of all ages & stages at the HKB center ~ from professional athletes and local fitness gurus to people struggling with weight issues to couples looking to maintain their best health together to women (and men) looking to just be their best self. Even super-in shape, super healthy folk who just want to know more. #knowledgeispower

First, though, they test. Dr. Edwards is committed to data-based analysis and safety above all.  Think about it, there’s no point in you trying out the supplement regimen your bff takes, or your personal trainer recommends, without knowing specifically what your levels and issues are at this particular point in time. There’s no point in jogging or walking 5 miles day after day, year after year, if your intensity levels are not improving your cardiovascular fitness (and your weight isn’t budging). There’s no point in throwing yourself into the diet of the year without understanding that, based on your metabolism, age, current exercise regime, etc. you simply won’t burn enough calories to lose weight at __[insert # here]__ calories per day.

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How to know? Where to start? At HKB, you’ve come to the right place.

They’ve invested in state of the art testing equipment such as the DEXA scan, the industry-leader for measuring your body fat, lean mass, and bone health. They will also test your VO2 Max, the leading indicator of your cardiovascular fitness and now regarded by many as a key indicator of longevity, above all else. And your Resting Metabolic Rate, which will enable a fairly precise assessment of your daily caloric intake and output needed to gain or lose weight.

These 3 tests on their own are popular options at HKB Wellness, and can be purchased à la carte or as a package of 3. For those who get regular bloodwork and analysis as part of an annual physical, this package is a great additional tool to better manage health and results.

50% of patients who die suddenly from a heart attack had normal LDL cholesterol level.¹

However, most standard bloodlabs don’t go into the kind of depth and detail that many of us want or need. There is a lot, like PAGES, of info about your health that can be revealed, analyzed, discussed and addressed based on a more thorough testing. HKB offers a full analysis and labs, with results analysis and recommendations.

Full Analysis at HKB includes the 3 tests above plus your blood labs. It must be done in the am, after a night of fasting ~ not even black am coffee ~ for your bloods and your RMR (resting metabolic rate). After this, you’re able to have a quick snack and coffee if you’d like, and then you’ll visit the dexa scan for your body fat / muscle mass / bone mineral scan and take your VO2 max test (on a treadmill hooked up to a breathing device). The full process takes between 2 and 3 hours for the testing, and there will be follow up to cover the results of your labs and recommendations for next steps. You will also be asked to complete a food log and sleep log so the doctor can dissect all components of your health and lifestyle to provide a complete assessment.

The testing is available at both the Southpark and Huntersville HKB offices, and is priced as follows:

Full Analysis + Labs …….. $1895 (often partially covered by insurance, usually ends up more like $650)

A la Carte Dexa Scan ……. $295

A la Carte VO2 Max …….. $150

DEXA+VO2Max+RMR .. $495

Since you are a scoop-fan, of course we’ve gotten a discount for you on the complete package. $1495. Just tell them you saw it on scoop when you call to make your appointment.

Scoop-discount price = $1495, save $400.

This is an investment for sure, in your health and in your time. When you’ve pinpointed the problems, the corrections and results are easier to achieve. Why spend $200+ a month on workouts or training if your hormones are going to fight you every step of the way? It is frustrating to jump through dieting hoops when what you really need to do is up your VO2 Max or your RMR. And no one wants to be surprised by a health problem at 65 that would have been easier to prevent with dietary and exercise changes at 50.

For more info on the HKB Wellness & Age Management programs, call 704-659-9000 or Email [email protected].


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(1) Sachdeva A, Cannon CP, Deedwania PC, et al; for the Get With The Guidelines Steering Committee and Hospitals. Lipid levels in patients hospitalized with coronary artery disease: an analysis of 136,905 hospitalizations in Get With The Guidelines. Am Heart J. 2009;157(1):111–117.e2.