10 Tips to Up Your Book Shelf Style

Decorating your should tell the story of who you are, what you value, and how you perceive the world. Shelves are the perfect place to display your most prized pieces.

Do your shelves needing a breath of fresh air this spring? We’ve compiled the perfect list of how to update your shelf style.  

Create a Main Focal Point

Charlotte interior designer Lauren Clement, of Lauren Nicole Design, offers her insight. She comments, “One of the best ways to showcase your personal style is with a bookshelf.  Within an hour, you are able to turn a cluttered shelf into a stylish and functional space. My suggestion is to clear off the entire shelf before redecorating, to get rid of clutter and to be able to start fresh. Next, carefully arrange your collections (books, decorative accents, faux florals, pictures frames, etc.) on the shelf, creating a main focal point on each shelf that draws the eye in.”

Lauren Nicole Design


Define Your Shelf Style

Your home is your tangible autobiography- you get to pick the best pieces of yourself and display them for all the world to see. Allow your passion to be on display. Defining your style will serve as a starting point for decorating.  What speaks to you? What do you love?


Asymmetrical arrangements

Creating looks that are too matchy-matchy can not only look unoriginal, it can also be boring.  Remember you are writing a story, no one is going to read your story if it looks the same as everyone else’s.

If you have two items that match ~ put them on diagonals to offset their alikeness. Offset heights by using stacked books to create a different stature for an object. Wooden planks or boxes can be used to lift things up as well. Stagger textures, colors, and shapes. Pro Tip: Group smaller like items in groups of 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, etc.

Lauren Nicole Design


Small Artwork

Shelves serve as a great place to display some of your favorite smaller pieces of art. Framed or unframed art can add a lasting effect to your shelf.  Shelves can even serve as a little gallery wall displaying only your favorite art pieces.

Smaller artwork, like this 4×4 Melissa Payne Baker piece from STOREY HOME, makes a great shelf accessory. As do unique and unusually shaped vases, like this purple one from STOREY HOME.


Display Vitality

Add a pop of color your shelving by using flowers and greenery. The botanical looks add life and vitality to your decor. Ivy that drapes over the sides add an extra dimension.

Add texture and color with a gorgeous mini floral arrangement from Bedside Manor. These look fresh from the garden but never wilt and never need watering!


Small Accents, Big Statements

Small knick-knacks, pieces of collections, and frames that showcase our favorite people are all small accents that make big statements. Pro tip: make sure they are big enough to be visible from across the room but still fit into the space of the shelf. Play around with different sizes, shapes, and colors creating an eclectic look of your favorite pieces. Smaller like pieces grouped add more emphasis than when they are standing alone.

Look around for unusual shapes, particularly rounds, which contrast nicely with your books. This crystal orb can go anywhere and is from STOREY HOME on East Blvd.

A small clock makes an interesting and unique accessory for any size shelf. Find these classic clocks at Beside Manor.


Create Layers

Consider adding depth to your shelves by layering objects.  Place taller items in the back and layer smaller objects in front of them; this will cause guests to stop, linger, and appreciate all the stories displayed up it.

These Assouline books from STOREY HOME are one of our favorite shelf accessories ~ stack them horizontally to both fit and provide a resting place for chic objects.


Let There be Light

Adding small lamps or accent lights can help accentuate a shelves functionality, brightens up dark spaces. They help create different levels, add color, or a different texture to your look.  The way light bounces off of objects can create shadows or open things up providing a different viewpoint.

Bookshelves can make a dark corner darker. Shed some light with a small lamp. A crystal base, like this one from Beside Manor, will add some sparkle to your shelves.


Background Displays

Updating the background of the shelves can add an extra, unexpected layer to your bookshelves. Paint the background to match the walls to help the framework stand out.  Wallpaper as the background adds extra flair.  The wooden boards on the design below really help the bookshelf and the pieces on them to stand out.

Lauren Nicole Designs


And of course, Add in Words

Books are an insight into your soul.  If you are an avid reader, you will have multiple books that are your favorite, displaying these help share your passion.  Books are often beautifully bound and can add depth to your design.

Lauren Nicole Design



Available in store at BEDSIDE MANOR, these hardback books have been transformed into beautiful decorative objects.



Ashley W
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