This year Valentine’s falls on a Tuesday, a less than ideal night to paint the town red.  Perhaps, save your big V-day plans for the weekend and have a date night in on the 14th.  Date or no date. Day or Evening. Netflix and Chill is the perfect way to spend this Valentine’s.


Grab your beau, some drinks, and the Netflix remote- we’ve spared you the endless scrolling and compiled the perfect V-day movie combination: funny with a splash of touchy-feely love.


About Last Night– This romantic comedy starring Kevin Hart and Regina Hall, so you know it will keep you laughing, follows a couple from the bar to the bedroom and beyond. Will their relationship make it?

Say Anything- A classic love story of an unlikely pair that falls in love the summer before college. This one will have you reminiscing your younger days of when you and your lover first met.

Forrest Gump- You can’t help but fall in love with the story of Forest and Jenny. Watch as history unfolds throughout the life of Forest in a tale that is as much about perseverance as it about love.

The Overnight- Alex, Emily, and their son have just moved to Los Angeles; eager to make friends they invite their neighbors over for a playdate between their kids. After the boys go to bed, the parent’s find themselves in a bizarre but hilarious situation.

I Love You, Man- Dude relationships are important too. This funny film follows Paul Rudd, as he searches for the best man of his dreams.


Valentine's Day Movie


No Date:

For some V-day can be somewhat of a letdown, Happy Singles Awareness Day, right? But instead of focusing on societal woes of being alone- grab some popcorn and enjoy some alone time with these great chick flicks.


Clueless-  This oldie but a goodie will have you laughing and remembering those carefree days of the past. Who says you can’t add a little Cher in your life now?

Heathers-  Is dark, twisted, with a side of funny exactly how you like your Valentine’s? Then you will love this movie as it follows Veronica’s quest to end the popular Heather’s at her school.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s- Want something more light and airy? What’s not to love in this classic Audrey Hepburn film? It will leave you dreaming of a man that will venture into the rain looking for your cat too.

Atonement- Misconstrued circumstances combined with jealousy change one couple’s lives. Can Briony, the jealous younger sister twisted her families fate with lies, fix the turmoil that she has caused?

The First Wive’s Club- The ultimate of all scorned spouse movies, First Wive’s Club, will have you laughing until you cry. These women plot the ultimate revenge on their husbands who have left them for younger women.



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