Hunstad Kortesis Bharti has opened a new center for Wellness and Age Management at their office in Piedmont Center in Southpark.

The HKB Wellness & Age Management Center uses an innovative approach to aging to help clients achieve the healthiest, most confident version of themselves at any stage of life.  They start with a personalized health assessment, and use a combination of custom exercise programs, dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, stress management, and sleep and hormone optimization to help cultivate a lifestyle of health and vitality as you age.

Aging is a natural process often accompanied by reduced flexibility, decreased bone density, increased body fat and decreased lean muscle mass. Often, the workouts that once produced results are no longer effective. As we age we often have less energy and lose the sense of wellbeing that we enjoy in our youth. Dr. Sarah Edwards and her staff at the HKB Wellness & Age Management center will help you jumpstart your journey to optimal health.

Learn More at their 2/15 Wellness Open House

Southpark Location
Thursday, February 15 / 5:30 to 7:30 PM

Event Only Promotion:

Receive $400 OFF the Health Analysis full program when you book the day of the event. If you can’t make the event you can still call to take advantage of the discount.


PLUS Just-for-Coming Raffle Prizes for Event Attendees:

Free Health Analysis assessment (value $1,895)
1 bottle of HKB Wellness + Age Management supplements
1 area of Botox (2 winners, up to 60 units)
SkinMedica facial peel
$250 HKB gift card
50% OFF CORE CO2 laser treatment



H/K/B Wellness and Age Management is looking forward to partnering with you to maximize your fitness and wellbeing. Your program there will begin with an initial consultation with Dr. Edwards to discuss your personal history, symptoms and your health goals. Together you will review the program options and determine which is most appropriate for your goals.

Following the consultation you will have a physical exam and fitness assessment. This appointment includes comprehensive bloodwork, resting metabolic evaluation, push up/sit up/grip strength tests, VO2 Max testing and a DEXA scan (considered the gold standard in analysis of body fat composition and measurement of bone health).

Dr. Edwards will then customize a dietary and exercise program based on your results. Recommendations and education regarding supplements and hormones replacement will be provided if indicated.

You deserve a body you love at any age. Read all about the program and process here and don’t miss their Open House on 2/15.


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