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LKN Mattress

There is an amazing new company right in our backyard that I am so excited to tell you about. I feel like we can all agree that adulting is hard and spending a pretty penny on grown up things (a washer/dryer costs WHAT?) kinda sucks. {Sidenote : Am I the only one out there who compares the price tag to how many pairs of shoes that could be?} Anywhooo, if you are going to spend the money you want to get the best bang for the buck right?

Welp, I pulled up my big girl pants and invested in my very own mattress from LKN Mattress. I shop local as much as I can (and everything else comes Amazon prime). It makes me feel good to see exactly where my money is going, not to mention that the more I shop local, the more I realize that the products sold at smaller local retailers are often made much closer to home.

Enter LKN Mattress, each one of their mattresses is handmade to order right here in NC. I was so happy to support that. It’s suggested to replace your mattress every 5-7 years, and I’m not gonna lie, I was past that.

LKN Mattress

Another plus I loved, especially as a female, was the actual buying experience. I usually dread dealing with commissioned high ticket sales people. Like, woah. This was nothing like that. This is an online deal (meaning you have the option to order online and a few days later it shows up at your door), however, they have a showroom setup in Denver for those of us (moi) who like a little touchy-feely prior to yelling SOLD. So whichever process, in person or online, suits you best – LKN Mattress offers it.

Another selling point for me is that LKN Mattress LOVES dogs ~ their instagram is covered in dog models & one of the last specials they ran included a percentage of sales going to a local rescue group. As a mom of 2 rescue pups, this sang to my soul. So…in honor of that love, I have included some pics of the youngest of my two dogs enjoying “his” LKN Mattress. He was on it before I could even get it properly set up.

LKN Mattress
My Mom bought me a LKN Mattress!

Obviously the bottom line to any mattress purchase is quality and comfort. I am here to tell you LKN Mattress delivered on both. I have been sleeping on mine for a few months now and am so spoiled. I love to travel but no mattress can compare to my own.  I was also expereiencing some back pain and night sweats (gross) and both of those have disappeared as well. They offer multiple levels of firmness but I chose the Southern Comfort Plush.

*Side note – if you’re getting overheated/sweating while sleeping, try Sheex performance bed sheets – those bad boys on top of my new mattress = heaven.

Below is all of the info you need to contact LKN Mattress – they are super responsive to emails, so shoot them any questions you may have. The website covers a lot of info though so stop there first and check it out….the reviews are great too…

LKN Mattress (click link to go directly to website)

A link to their Instagram is here

Address : 7915 Natalie Commons Drive, Denver NC

Hours : one weekend a month & by appointment (email them or follow their instagram for hours & specials)

They will be open Sunday, January 21st from 12-3 pm.

LKN Mattress
Doesn’t everyone deserve to sleep this soundly?

LKN Mattress has offered a 10% discount to anyone who mentions this blog post when making a purchase. So make sure and tell them SCOOP sent ya! If purchasing online use code SCOOPTEN for 10% off.

{Note: This is not a sponsored post. I just really like my new mattress}

Ok Ok…One more for the road….

LKN Mattress
When are you going to LKN Mattress?