The American Journal of Public Health shared incredible research from Dr. Damon Jones on the link between children’s social skills and their future success.

The results were this…

“Children who have confident social skills will, later in life,:

  • Be happier
  • Make more money
  • Be more successful
  • Are less likely to be unemployed and have substance abuse problems.”

With confident social skills, children are able to make and keep friends, handle themselves in all social situations even when it’s new or stressful, and work well with others. These skills carry through to help them in college, to advance their career, and to help them develop positive relationships.

According to Laurie Firestone, former White House Social Secretary for President George H. Bush, and manager of the Finesse Worldwide San Francisco, CA office, “Manners and interpersonal communication skills never go out of style and it’s more important than ever before to teach our children these skills so they can succeed in this competitive world.”

Finesse Worldwide is offering children’s social skills and etiquette classes for children in grades K-12 this winter/spring in the Lake Norman area. See below for more information and to register.

Grades K – 4:  Modern Manners for Successful Kids

  • March 15 from 4:00 – 6:00. For information and to register click HERE.

Grades 5 – 7:  Impressions: The Modern Cotillion for A New Generation

  • Includes three classes beginning in February. Information below and register by February 1st. Register HERE.

Confident & Polite Social Skills for Teens:

  • April 22 from 4:00 – 6:00. For information and to register click HERE

During three classes this winter in the Lake Norman, NC area, 5th, 6th and 7th graders will have the opportunity to learn the social skills that will help them:

  • Feel more comfortable in all social settings.
  • Know how to confidently greet people and make polite conversation.
  • Make friends more easily and impress their teachers, coaches and others.
  • Have excellent table manners.
  • Understand how to use cell phones, email and social media safely and with respect for others and themselves.
  • Feel comfortable dancing the Shag and Waltz.

This cotillion class is:

  • Fun!
  • Interactive with activities and games.
  • NOT “stuffy” or “boring” according to kids!
  • Relevant and teaches what children need to know now in our modern world.

Click HERE to Register Before the Class Fills Up.

Click HERE to Watch a Brief Video About the Class.