Here is our 2017 beauty year in review.  These are the top 2017 beauty trends and products that should have made it on your must-try list. If not, no worries, there’s still time for most.

Top 10 Beauty Trends of 2017

Luminous Metallic Eyes

Luminous Metallic Eyes were everywhere this year.  Although plum burgundy seemed to be the stand out shade, metallic added to any color took the lead.

Beauty Trends


Sparkle Lips

This is definitely one you can still adopt, as sparkly lips are here to stay.  Just move some of that glitter over to your to your lids and cheekbones as well. Try this look with our fav, Jouer Long-Wear Lip Cream Liquid Lipstick, and toast to all things that sparkle.

Beauty Trends


Everything Charcoal

Charcoal showed up everywhere in 2017, from brushing your teeth to a soap, scrub or mask.  This natural material is purifying to the skin.  One of our top picks from the year was Le Mertier de Beaute’s Detoxifying Charcoal and Coconut Face Mask.

Beauty Trends


Platinum Bleach Blond

This year, blonds continued to have more fun, and the blonder and more platinum the better.  Some looks are going so blond that they have a twinge of grey pop through.  If you are a Gaga or Kardashian fan then this look was perfect for you.

Beauty Trends


Natural Skin Products 

Amid all the glitter and glam, is skin that glows with health and vibrance.   Jam packing in the most natural bang for buck and one of my favorites is Clarin’s Double Serum.  This product will boost your skin’s radiance, firmness and texture and the ingredients are all plant extracts.

Beauty Trends


Naturally Dewy Skin 

Hand in hand with great skincare and always on trend, add a moisturizing, dewy finish foundation to increase  your natural glow.  One of my long time favorites is Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation.

Beauty Trends


Nails with BLING

Bling Your Nails with platinum, shine, matte, multi.  Mix and match them together and you have nailed this trend.

Beauty Trends



This semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment to create more defined fuller lashes became a very hot commodity.   The results are truly amazing, creating a perfect brow without the touch of a pencil.

Beauty Trends


10 Beauty Trends to Look for in 2018

And now for 2018’s latest and greatest products and trends that’ll hit your beauty bar this year.  It continues to be all about adding shimmer and shine to that natural, beautiful look.  Yes, it sounds contradictory, but let’s just say if you can nail your natural glowing skin, then you can add sparkle and shine to everything else.

Glitter Gilded Eyes

Unleash the little girl inside of you and go glitter crazy.  Stila’s Glitter and Glow liquid shadow collection is amazing.  Not only is it multi-versital and easy to work with, it has 18 gold-flecked colors to choose from.



Hot Hair Accessories

From barrettes, to ribbons, sparkling bobbi’s and even scrunchies, all hair accessories are hot.  Yes, you read that right, the scrunchie is making a big comeback.


Lip Strobing

Lip Strobing is a must this spring.  Say what?  Don’t worry, I had to look it up myself.  It is simply just contouring your lips with a metallic or gold fleck gloss to give them a fuller, more plumped illusion.



Curtain Fringe Bangs

Bangs are top on the hair style list.  So if you always wanted to try them, now is the time to “bang” them out.  Be sure they are long and tapered so that you can be right on trend.


Contour Crazy 

Contouring is here to stay.  If you did not get into contouring this fall, well you are in luck; it is going to dominate this spring.  Yes, although it seems like something only a makeup artist could do, it is actually pretty easy. I love Smashbox’s Contour Set, as it is super simple to use and even comes with a one page tutorial.



Yellow Golden Highlighter 

Picture in your mind an image of the platinum trophy wife. If that’s a look you covet, you’ll want to use this goldenly yellow color as a highlighter, eye shadow and cheek accent and the more the better. Rihanna’s Killawatt Highlighter by Fenty Beauty is spot on for this trend.



Go Pro At Home 

Bring professional spa results to the comfort of your home beauty bar.  One of our favorite home spa tools is the Espada.  This unique tool uses ultra-powerful light pulse technology eliminating acne-causing bacteria at the source.