Admit it. You’re always tucking your cell somewhere when you go for your run or when you’re working out. While we love our running tights with the side pocket, that’s not always an option. If you stick your phone into your bra, you are not alone. This doesn’t work for me, because, Sweat = Fog. But also, I worry that it’s not safe. Cell phones do emit radiation (non-ionizing communications radiation in the radio-frequency (RF) microwave spectrum), and while the study results may be debated by some, I see no reason to chance it. I do know the breasts’ soft fatty tissue seems to be at even greater risk for cancer causing agents, so why take the risk?

Charlottean Kim Highfield’s mother had breast cancer, and both of her parents died from cancer. This led Kim to commit to living as healthy and active a life as possible. Which led Kim to a life filled with exercise, workouts, awareness of health issues and research, and understanding cancer risks. When she heard that her habit of tucking her cell phone into her bra may be a breast cancer risk, Kim had an idea. Create a sports bra with a safe pocket for your phone.

When I started to become aware of the risks cellphones pose when placed against the body, especially soft tissue, I realized a true need in Women’s athletic apparel, the need for a cellphone pocket that would both function for convenience and protect our bodies from harmful EMF radiation.  Although the health concern is what motivated my vision for the company, I’m also an athlete and didn’t want to create just any sports bra. I aimed to create the best compression sports bra available that would be supportive and comfortable enough for everyday use, but high-performance and functional for even the toughest workout of a pro-athlete.”

Kim Highfield’s innovative journey to bring this protective sports bra to market took time.  As an athlete, she knew she wanted a bra and workout wear that offered:

  • custom fit
  • moisture management
  • chafe-resistance
  • zero pressure points
  • maximum compression recovery
  • cell phone security
  • anti-fade properties
  • anti-odor resistance
  • UPF 50+
  • manufactured in the USA

Kim filed the patent for first ever athletic sports bra with a built-in cell phone pocket to protect the wearer from electromagnetic frequency (EMF). Her company SportPort™ partners with the highest skilled “cut & sew” manufacturers in the USA, and uses only the highest grade USA-made technical compression fabric with Lycra spandex. Lycra is highly regarded for its elasticity properties, longevity and remarkable recovery, (no sagging or bagging).

SportPort™ is the first women’s athletic apparel company to create, design and patent a pocket that can be used to carry a cell phone safely during a run or during exercise and which helps prevent potentially harmful EMFs from penetrating our bodies. Their protective patented pocket design holds the cell phone in place securely and comfortably, so that you can wear your phone while you work out, instead of leaving it at home, in your car or accidentally behind on the gym treadmill.

SportPort™ offers several sports bras, tennis dresses and tank tops with built-in bra & protective pocket. Along with stylish leggings, shorts and tops with all of the performance manufacturing and material standards listed above. And of course, an arm band phone case, with the same patented protective barrier. (click the pics to shop)

SportPort™ is an e-commerce store & site headquartered here in the QC, and in addition to selling product, the website offers a great women’s health blog, along iwth extensive information both on the cancer risks and research on cell phones, and on Kim Highfield’s mission and objectives. Just click thru here to read any or all of it and to shop the sports bras and other pocket protective items.

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