What’s the one thing you can never have too many of? Besides shoes I mean.

Scented Candles. They make a great hostess and holiday gift, and with the beautiful containers many come in, you can have one in every room of your house. The holidays always bring some seasonal scents that work perfectly with the greenery & Christmas decor, and the QC boutiques have many wonderful options for you to sniff and shop.

We’ve rounded up some of the best scents in town below, and have put together a fun Holiday Candle Giveaway featuring one candle from each store. Enter to Win our Holiday Basket of Charlotte Candles HERE, {contest ended} and check out all of our favorites below.

Magnolia Emporium

Candles of Charlotte

Aspen Bay Candles – $15.50 – $43.00

Candles of Charlotte

Penn Chemists Candles – $44.00

Candles of Charlotte

Z and Co Candles – $26.00

Candles of Charlotte

Isla Soy Candle by Z & Co. (Photo by Carey J King) $26.00

Candles of Charlotte

Aspen Bay Candles – $15.50 – $43.00


Front Door Fabrics

FRASIER FIR SCENT 19.98-50.98.






32 Flavors on East Blvd

Candle Bravo Soy Candles Made in Charlotte Jar Candles $19.95 each

Candle Bravo Soy Candles Made in Charlotte Jar Candles $19.95 each


Onward Reserve

We Took To The Woods $45

Sydney Hale Soy Candles $30


The Pink Hanger

Voluspa Holiday Gift Set: $29

Voluspa Holiday Scent (Gilt Pomander & Hinoki): range of sizes – $12 – $24

Voluspa Gift Set: $50

Voluspa Travel Candles (Suede Blanc Scent): $10

Storey Home

Hand painted Melissa Payne Baker Candles ($44)

Lux Christmas Candles are available in the Pine Scent and come with this beautiful box! ($55)

Nest Holiday Candle ($40)

Nest Birchwood Pine Candle ($40)

Nest Sugar Cookie Candle ($40)

All Nest Christmas scented candles come in a one wick ($40) or three wick ($64) option + diffusers ($44) available in each of the Christmas scents


Theory Design Studio

Theory’s House Candle $28


Maison Louis Marie Candles- One of our very favorite scents $40

Lokum Istanbul Candles- All the way from Turkey, only place sold in the U.S., 6 different scents and sizes $45-65, also available in soap

Ceramic Gold Lips Candle- Lavender and Eucalyptus $55

Abode Holiday Candle- White Pine Spruce and Cedar Soy Candle (made exclusively for Abode) $45

Green Custom Abode Holiday candle- Pine and Cedar $48



Lollia Candle $40

Aquiesse Candles $40

NEST Holiday $40

NEST Sugar Cookie $40


Bedside Manor

Bedside Manor is pretty much “candle central” all year long, and just explodes with Holiday options every December. Here are just a few shots from in store PLUS links to buy online if you are cyber shopping after hours:

Nest Holiday Candles – $40-$64 in store or BUY HERE 

Nest Candles – $42 BUY HERE 

Zodax Pine Tree candles BUY HERE 

Frosted Birchwood Candles – $16-$28 BUY HERE 

Lafco House and Home Candles – $65 BUY HERE

Lafco Winter Balsam Candles – $46-$65 BUY HERE

Aerin Candles – $85 BUY HERE 



Simply Curated $32.00

Voluspa candles $8.00

Lollia Candles $38

Winter frost $10.00

Nest Candle Trio $64.00

Peppermint Bark Candles $32