This year’s fundraising and fun times Fall Ball for the Young Affiliates of the Mint (YAMs) was held on November 10th at the Mint’s Randolph Road museum.

The theme was Under the Big Top and the signature ball was a celebration of performance arts in our community. Guests danced the night away to live music and enjoyed circus-style spectaculars on the lawn of Mint Museum Randolph. All proceeds from this event will be used to offset the cost of Charlotte-Mecklenburg student tours at the Mint. 

As you can see from the Party Pics below this annual event is always a fabulously fun time. Missed it this year but would love to join the YAMs so you can enjoy all their fun parties while supporting the arts in Charlotte? Membership details HERE ~ you can become a part of this CLT YP group for $25 a year single and $50 couple.  

All photos by Fotobossi Photography.


Here’s Our Photo Gallery of Under The Big Top Guests and YAMs


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