This year’s Giving Book truly lives up to its mission to create a beautifully designed coffee-table-book to showcase the Society Guide’s Charlotte nonprofit members, their impact in the community, and the projects and initiatives that need community support.

With a cover designed around artwork provided by local artist Windy O’Connor, the 2017-2018 Giving Book will easily achieve pride of place in the homes and offices of Charlotte’s high-net worth donors, their businesses, and their advisors. Launched by two local women in 2016, The Giving Book is a tool to connect those serving the community to the benefactors and patrons who have the resources to support them; a curated compilation of highly effective non-profits in a dossier designed to reach those looking to use their wealth to help impact their community.

You can page through the entire Giving Book online here.

A text option makes donating even easier this year.

New this year in the 2017-2018 Giving Book is a partnership with uBack to make giving easier.  Now you may simply text the word GIVE to 704-343-8828. You will then be asked which charity you would like to donate to. On each nonprofit’s page, you will find a #hashtag code for that organization. Simply text that code to designate the nonprofit you wish to direct your donation. The messaging service will then guide you through the rest of the donation process. 

(*Each nonprofit has an established account with uBack and donations go directly to those organizations. The Society Guide is not involved in this process and receives no compensation or benefits through this partnership.)

Some Nonprofits to consider supporting this year:

Children’s Home Society of NC (#CHSNC) – there are more than 11,000 children in North Carolina waiting for a family to adopt them. Approximately 2,000 of those children have been in foster care awaiting adoption for 3 years or more. If you want to help, contact Children’s Home Society to learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive family. If you aren’t in a position to do so but still want to help, a financial gift will go far with this agency. Children’s Home Society NC is one of the state’s leading providers of services and programs that promote permanent, safe, and loving families, finalizing 6x the adoptions of any other private agency in NC. 

Dilworth Center (#DilworthCenter) – Who amongst us hasn’t been touched in someway by alcoholism or drug addiction? In a system clogged with profit driven, treatment center businesses, The Dilworth Center is a local, nonprofit treatment organization serving people from all socio-economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds. Since 2016, the Dilworth Center has experienced an 83% increase in admissions. This holiday season, consider making a gift in honor of someone you know who has been given the gift of recovery, or perhaps, someone who has yet to receive it. 

Friendship Trays (#FriendTrays) – If any one of us became aware of an elderly neighbor who was hungry and lonely and unable to prepare a meal for themselves, we would chip in to help. Friendship Trays is serving more than 700 people in precisely those circumstances and they need us to chip in. A gift of $38 will provide one week of meals for one senior.

Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center (#PatsPlace) – Since 2005, Pat’s Place has worked to coordinate the investigation and treatment of child sexual abuse in Mecklenburg County. Pat’s Place provides all the services children need – forensic interviews, medical care, advocacy support and counseling –under one roof in a safe, child-friendly location As the only child advocacy center in Charlotte, 674 children passed through the doors of Pat’s Place last year. A gift of $100 provides one counseling session to support emotional healing after abuse. 

TreesCharlotte (#TreesCLT) – Charlotte’s tree population is old, fragile and depleting. Over the next 30 years, we are projected to lose 60% of our canopy. TreesCharlotte is a public/private nonprofit collaboration to grow and diversify Charlotte’s urban forest, with a goal of planting 500,000 new trees by 2050. This holiday season, give someone a gift that will last for the next 100 years. $100 will allow TreesCharlotte to plant one tree in honor of your family or someone special of your choosing.


For more information or to request a current or past Giving Book, link here to the contact form on their site.