We have a lot on our minds during the holidays – long grocery lists, presents to reciprocate for unexpected gift givers, and traditions we don’t want to miss. Not to mention, we want our money to go toward the hot cocoa with crushed candy cane atop whipped cream in red cups, gifts for our kids or grandkids, and ways to offer assistance to those less fortunate. So saving energy at home while keeping your house comfortable and cozy can slip down the list of priorities.

However, it’s worth the brain space because you can trim expenses even as others increase at your home over the holidays. Here are a few simple tips to remember from our friends at MTB Heating & Air Conditioning. (Hint: Since the holidays means your brain is full, save this article or share it with someone who can remind you about these easy energy savers – a mental energy-saving tip).

  1. Install Programmable Thermostats – Use your heating energy only when you are home, or awake, to enjoy it. Also, while you’re entertaining, lower the inside temperature, because more people means more body heat. Using a wireless controllable thermostat can cut your energy consumption bill up to 33%. There are multiple options available through MTB Heating & Air Conditioning: Nest, Honeywell Lyric, Lennox icomfort, or Honeywell “Wi-Fi Smart”. The Nest even allows you to track your energy savings.
  2. Switch Out Your Old Water Heater – You may want to consider a tank-less version, or even a solar or gas option. With a tank-less water heater, you can save up to 25% on your water heating costs annually. The heater tends to have a longer lifespan, and you also waste less energy. The best part – you never will run out of hot water. How’s that for a return on your investment?
  3. Sleep in 66-68 Degrees – Even if you don’t want to bundle up during the day when you’re inside, you can save if you lower the temperature at night and snuggle down under the covers. Experts say sleep is most profound and restful at about 65 or 66 degrees room temperature.
  4. Upgrade Your Big Appliances – Your refrigerator, dishwasher and washer/dryer will save you money if they’re Energy Star efficient models.
  5. Inspect Your Furnace – This should be done annually for safety and efficiency, and there’s no better time than the present now that cold weather is here. MTB Heating & Air Conditioning can help inspect your furnace to make sure you’re ready to host and hibernate this holiday season. The best part is it’s part of the $69 Seasonal Safety Check Deal offered only to scoopcharlotte followers, from now until the end of the year. So call to schedule an appointment today.
  6. Use LEDs Throughout Your Home and for Holiday Decorations – I know, this one is difficult for me too, because LEDs just don’t have the warm glow of old-fashioned incandescent lighting. Use LED and fiber optic holiday lights wherever possible. If you just can’t stomach it, at least put your tree and outside lights on a timer.
  7. Open the Curtains on the Sunny Side of the Street – Use the free, natural sunlight to heat your home, and close the curtains at night to avoid drafts.
  8. Change the Filters on Your HVAC – This should be done bimonthly. MTB Heating & Air Conditioning can handle this as part of your inspection and scoop-exclusive $69 Seasonal Safety Check.
  9. Seal  Leaks and Drafts – If you’re a DIYer, this job isn’t too big to tackle or spackle. If you’re not, definitely look for a local handyman to fill in the gaps.
  10. Unplug Unused Appliances – When you leave for your holiday vacations, save energy by doing a plug check before you leave. You also can do this for appliances you do not use every day.
  11. Talk to the Experts – Because your heating and air systems can account for 45% of a home’s energy consumption, it’s worth learning more and talking to an expert at MTB Heating & Air Conditioning on how you can save. MTB is family-owned and operated, and has been serving the Charlotte area for over 40 years, so they are committed to helping you and your family stay warm while saving money this holiday season.


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