Charlotte native Karen Hill picked the name FIRST WIND for her Cycling & Fitness studio because after personally over-coming a heart condition that hindered her athletic ability most of her life, she strives to offer clients of all fitness levels a unique, welcoming, and exhilarating workout atmosphere. Not where you get your “second wind” but where you get your first.

In a compact studio in the Design Center on Camden Road, First Wind offers all sorts of fitness classes ~ state-of-the-art cycling, barre, strength & cardio circuit, Beat Yoga and Ride to the Circuit and Ride to the Barre fusion classes. First Wind is priced to motivate, with an amazing 30 day for $30 intro offer, plus great deals for unlimited access, as low as $145/month. And special pricing for students and active military / veterans, and special personal, small group & VIP training for those who want a little more one-on-one.

The studio features The RealRyder® Bikes, which turn, tilt and lean as you ride, giving you the sensation of an outdoor road bike. The instability and motion take indoor cycling to a new level — burning an estimated 20% more calories per hour vs. traditional stationary bikes with special emphasis on activating essential core muscles.

It’s very important to Karen that women of all fitness levels feel comfortable at First Wind and welcome in a fitness community ~ “We’re not pretentious,” she says. “A couple of years ago you never would have found me in a group fitness class, so that’s why I want it to be for everyone.”  You can hear from Karen directly about her goals for First Wind Cycling & Fitness in this  SELF magazine video (link here or click the graphic below)

If you still have any doubts about whether you want to give First Wind a try (like with their $20 unlimited trial week or $30 for 30 days unlimited) we have only one more thing to say to convince you.


At First Wind, they’ve figured it out.  They bring adoptable rescue puppies into the studio once a week to meet clients and give out love and kisses. Puppies are in the studio every week on Wednesdays (when they are available and not busy out doing puppy things) and you can follow First Wind on Instagram or Facebook to see who’s coming in and when. Best of all, if you adopt a puppy you meet at the studio, you get one month of FREE unlimited classes.

So yeah, puppies.

1930 Camden Rd, Ste 120
Charlotte, North Carolina 28203
(980) 207-0885