Just like a happy marriage takes effort; so does a happy divorce.

One Happy Divorce – Hold the Bulls#!t! 
by Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub

I never thought I’d end up divorced.


When I did, it rocked my world.

But I am surviving…..because my Ex and I made the conscious decision to do it RIGHT. By putting our kids first, and our egos aside….we are able to make our divorce a HAPPY one. Now look, I know it’s not easy! Come on, I’m not Mary Poppins. I know the horrific stories; I can relate. Which is why I wrote a book to help others going through the same thing. Or even contemplating it, One Happy Divorce – Hold the Bulls#!t! is filled with helpful tidbits and successful tips on how to get through the divorce process with a good attitude, and a little humor.

Just like a happy marriage takes effort; so does a happy divorce.

I may not have gotten my marriage right, but I am certainly doing something right in this divorce, y’all! It’s working. My kids are thriving, my ex and I are parenting together, separately. And even our married friends are jealous of our relationship. Bam! Who want’s to know my secrets? Not giving them all away, you’ll have to buy the book!

But here are just a few:

1) We actually respect each other (especially in front of the kids).
2) We answer calls or texts immediately when it’s about the kids. (No BLOCKING!)
3) We are FLEXIBLE! If he needs help, I’m there. And vice-versa.

I only wish I had a book like this when I got separated! And I hope readers will come back to it at different points during the process. Each chapter offers something for every area of a divorce: the separation, nesting., co-parenting, and even dating. And just remember, if you have kids…your EX will be in your LIFE FOREVER. A divorce doesn’t make him disappear. So, you’d best make the best out of a crappy situation. Be happy, be kind….and if you have kiddos, put them first!


Editor’s Note: One Happy Divorce is now available on AMAZON for purchase.  And it’s already a popular read, selling over 1000 books on Amazon since the Wednesday launch. CONGRATS to another successful local author!


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